22 June

3 things you can do to help an arthritic dog

So, you have noticed something weird in your dog. Your furry little friend does not want to get off the couch and you cannot seem to understand why. Back in the days, they would jump on and off the furniture without any problem. Now, it is a completely different story. If your dog is behaving differently, there must be a reason. Fido may be suffering from arthritis. As your best friend gets older, the cartilage surfaces of the joints begin to thin and the cells ultimately die. Arthritis is a condition that involves pain and inflammation. The last thing you want to do is to see your four-legged friend suffer. Keep in reading to fund out what you can do to help an arthritic dog.

1.      Fix that slick flooring

Walking is difficult for the poor pup, so do not make things even more difficult for them. It is hard for an arthritic dog to walk on slippery surfaces. If you have the means to, replace the flooring with something more suitable. Your home needed an upgrade, anyway. Vinyl is the best option in terms of slip resistance. What is more, it is very easy to maintain. However, if you do not want to redo the floors, do not worry because there are other solutions you can resort to make the home flooring less slippery. For instance, you can lay out rugs and carpet runners where you know your furry friend spend most of their time. Another thing you can do is to apply a set of toe grips to your dog’s feet. A ramp is a good idea to.

2.      Take your dog to a hydrotherapy facility

Most rehabilitering dyr facilities offer hydrotherapy for dogs suffering from arthritis. Canine hydrotherapy presents a great many benefits. It improves balance, muscle tone, stamina, and strength. The warmth of the water enables the muscles to relax and, most importantly, eases the pain in the joints. A dip in a nice, warm pool is exactly what your dog needs. There is no point in making your dog travel long distances, so find a dyreklinikk nearby. The pool is smaller as compared to a human swimming pool. It presents a ramp for entry and exit, not to mention the harnesses to maintain Fido in the right position. Hydrotherapy is adequate for patients of all ages, so your dog is a good candidate.

3.      Keep your dog warm and dry

Dogs are like humans in the sense that they have the same reactions to illness. In case you did not already know, the winter and wet weather can exacerbate symptoms of arthritis like pain and swelling. The cold and damp weather only makes this condition worse, which is why you should do your best to keep your four-legged friend warm and dry. Any dyreklinikk nittedal expert can confirm. Invest in a padded dog bed and apply warm compresses from time to time to the joints. This should make things a little more bearable.