21 November

4 ways in which the 2.0 era is changing the way we shop


Today’s technology is helping consumers make informed, more accurate decisions, while the offer of products became wider. Consumers know as much as salespersons in terms of products and cannot be tricked anymore into buying products which they don’t need. You may have heard phrases like “millennials are running the X industry”. No, they don’t. In fact, technology is only enabling them to make wiser decisions and evaluate their shopping necessities with a more critical eye. No, you don’t need diamonds; this is what jewellery manufacturers want you to believe. But thanks to technology, and review platforms such as dmad.com, we can evaluate what is necessary and what is nothing more than an old shopping habit. Below you will find some ways in which technology is changing the way we shop.

1. Technology provides consumers with plenty of options

Amazon, eBay, Asos, and all prominent retailers have an online shop available, a shop that will make the quest of finding the best product for our needs an easier one. And luckily, you can find electronics, cosmetics, clothing items, food, and everything you could possibly think of, online. Apparently, one of the most notorious platforms of this kind is Amazon, a platform gathering products from all categories: groceries, electronics, clothing items and cosmetics, you can find them all online, order and receive. Also, with the advancement of the technology, comparison platforms emerged, which allows us to make the best decision price-wise.

2. Technology allows you to research your options before making a purchase

Review platforms are a resourceful way of finding out which is the best product from a category. In the past, people usually asked their close ones before making a purchase. This, of course, if the person in discussion used a given product. In many cases, people made “blind” purchases, in the past. This is not the case nowadays, with the increasing number of review platforms which evaluate a product from various points of view, based on various coordinates. Also, comparison platforms are quite resourceful and widely used by individuals that need to make a certain product.

3. Technology increases competition among retailers…

…and this allows us to have access to better products with competitive pricing. With a continuously increasing number of retailers, but also with wide access to reliable information, manufacturers and retailers see themselves forced to increase the quality of their products, while decreasing the pricing.

4. Technology improves consumer’s comfort

Well, this may be the most obvious way in which technology is changing the way in which we shop. We don’t have to see in person the products that we plan to buy. We order those online, keep them if we’re happy with them, and if not, we take advantage of the generous return policy almost every online shop has. All these from the comfort of our homes, while on the subway or during our lunch breaks. Technology is making us more efficient shopping-wise.