29 July

A great trick to boost client retention

While it is true that the beauty industry is one of the most attractive and profitable ones on the market, the truth is that it is not that easy to convince clients to walk through the door. It is the case as with any business: image and professionalism is everything. Only by ensuring a faithful clientele will the business thrive and attention must be paid to the fact that the reputation of a salon is usually spread by word of mouth. Since professionalism is the synonym for quality and organization, many applications such as the MyCuts App have been developed so that managers can stay on top of their game at all times. What does it really take to build a solid clientele?

Strong organization

The main difference between the beauty industry and other domains of activity is the fact that managers are required to deal with hundreds of customers. In addition to this, a hair salon is permanently open during the week which basically means that there is no time for rest. If you add to this the frenzy of activity that usually accompanies weddings and other special occasion for which women need to look their best, things get seriously complicated. One advantage of software is the fact that you will avoid being chaotic in your activity because you can view the appointment list straight on your phone and you can be prepared in advance for the next beauty session, instead of wondering what there is to be done. Moreover, an app is the surest way in which you will not miss on scheduled appointment because the client has forgot all about it. This way you can send an email to notify the client about the following session.

Permanent contact

Another cool thing that software lets you do is to communicate with your customers and you can advertise your services. The most important aspect regarding your business is related to the image. The way in which the business runs is essential for the construction of a client base and what better way to do this than to keep track of clients’ preferences. The truth is that everyone likes to be pampered and the reason for which the average person goes to the salon is to relax and enjoy the atmosphere while getting a new hairstyle. Besides styling preferences, you can register details such as conversations and next time make the client feel more at ease. Moreover, some apps function exactly as phone book, which means that you can store important contact and organize them by categories such as investor or customer.

Effective staff

Last but not least, the staff must be trained to be polite at all times and create a friendly atmosphere. As mentioned before, there is a strong bond that is established between customer and stylist due to the fact that after so much time he comes to know you as well as a close friend. In addition to this, a well-organized business will also motivate the personnel to run much more efficiently and they will have the necessary means in order to cater to the needs of the customers. Equally important is the fact that some apps allow you to view the inventory levels and make sure that the staff does not run out of supplies while doing their job.