26 October

A short guide to buying the best fireplace

Fireplaces look stunning in any room and they have a way of bringing the whole family together after a long day, not to mention that it will also keep you warm and comfy during winter. Whether you want to add a centerpiece to your living room or you wish to upgrade the heating capability of your home, a fireplace is a great idea. At the same time, fireplaces are also large investments, so you should not purchase the typical fireplace that will not do much for keeping you warm. You should also make sure to hire professional builders like integritymasonry.ca that specialize in installing fireplaces to ensure that it is well placed and accurately fitted.

Choosing the fireplace inserts

The fireplace insert is the most expensive part of the fireplace, so make sure to choose yours carefully. The first thing you need to consider is the type of insert is best suited to you. If you have access to wood or pellets, a wood or pellet fireplace insert should be the natural choice. In fact, the traditional wood fireplace is still the most popular, because it looks stunning when the fire is lit and it plays around the wood slowly consuming it, but also because the heat it produces lasts longer. Gas inserts are also a popular options, because wood is somewhat expensive and not everyone can gain access to it.

Matching your fireplace with your décor

It is important to take into consideration the aesthetic appeal when purchasing a fireplace, because we talk about a serious investment that will greatly influence the way your living room will look. Therefore, you should pick the finish carefully. The inserts come into a wide range from metallic to typical black steel or modern designs. Another thing you should know about inserts is that you can choose the viewing area to be smaller or larger, depending on your preferences. If you get a wood insert, you should get a larger viewing area, because wood burns beautifully.

Do not forget about the venting

Venting is essential when it comes to fireplaces. You should never attempt to install the fireplace and venting by yourself, because carbon monoxide intoxication is not something to be taken lightly. The silent killer is bound to emerge, if the venting is not properly installed, so make sure to call a specialist to install the system. Choosing the right type of venting should also be done with the help of a professional, because this decision depends on the space you have and the position of the fireplace.