20 April

Adhesive Tape Converters – Avoiding Disappointment

You’d be forgiven for assuming that shopping for 3M Medical Tape Converters these days would be something of a foolproof affair. After all, given the fact that these are relatively niche products sourced and procured by specialist businesses only, surely there can’t be too many manufacturers and suppliers currently up and running, right? You’d think so, but you’d also be quite wrong…it’s a surprisingly large industry area.

Which in turn means that when it comes to getting the job done properly, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that you work only with the very best manufacturers and suppliers on the market. The fact that custom adhesive products are being sought in the first place pretty well illustrates that their required purpose is of importance. If it wasn’t, it would be sufficient to pick up a standard adhesive product from a generic retailer.  But given that this isn’t the case, it is a good idea to be proactive and thoughtful when it comes to the buying process, in order to avoid disappointment.

Here’s a quick rundown of just a few essential tips when selecting an adhesive tape converter to work with:

1 – Choose 3M Preferred Converters

First of all, it’s no secret that 3M has for some time been considered the most reliable and reputable name in the world when it comes to adhesive products.  As such, it’s hardly surprising that 3M Preferred status is something of a prestigious title to be awarded and isn’t simply thrown around or given to any supplier looking to boost its profile. Quite to the contrary in fact, 3M Preferred adhesive tape converters can only achieve such status by merit and performance. Of course there will always be far more to selecting the ideal partner than this kind of accreditation and affiliation alone, but it is certainly a good place to start.

2 – Full Service Conversion Packages

When it comes to guaranteeing the best results, the fastest results, total consistency and outstanding value for money, one of the best and only ways of ticking all such boxes in one go is to work with one comprehensive service provider from start to finish.  This basically means choosing a service provider that is able to help with everything, from the initial design of the product itself to its manufacture and right through to final packaging and shipping. To involve multiple service providers is to inherently complicate the process unnecessarily and in most cases find yourself paying considerably more for the same products.

3 – Track Record

Another important check to make is that of the track record of the service provider you are considering doing business with.  This basically means looking for evidence with regard to exactly how long they have been in business and how well they have performed over the years. This can be verified by looking into case studies, customer reviews, testimonials and generally the brand’s story and background to date. Affiliations and partnerships should also be considered, along with how the company has evolved and improved over time.

4 – Quality Control

ISO Certified service providers are really the only service providers anyone should be working with when sourcing these kinds of products. But at the same time, it is also important for the manufacturer to speak openly and confidently about its own quality control standards and processes, implemented to safeguard consistency of quality. The subject of quality control should also incorporate any guarantees made available by the service provider in question, which essentially ensure that should there be any disappointment or discrepancies, they are covered as a standard part of the overall service package.

5 – Samples and Prototypes

Another crucially important check to make is that of whether or not the service provider in question offers samples and prototypes before going ahead with larger orders. This is of course of the utmost importance in instances where particularly large or on-going orders are to be placed, giving the client a means by which to fully verify quality and performance before going ahead.

6 – Forward Thinking and Innovation

Last but not least, it is always preferable to work with medical tape converters with a clear commitment to continuous improvement, evolution and innovation.  The reason being that advances in adhesive technology are being made all the time and product quality standards are constantly improving. As such, it simply makes sense to work with a provider that remains right on the cutting edge of the industry at all times, as opposed to one that is happy to fall behind the curve.