5 May

Automatic pool cleaners – crucial factors to take into consideration

If you are looking for a pool vacuum that ensures great service, efficiency and durability, then you should definitely take into consideration automatic pool cleaners because they can provide you all that and more. An automatic pool cleaner is an aquatic vacuum that collects debris and sediment from the swimming bath and that requires virtually no human intervention. The aquatic vacuum is a must for anyone that is looking forward to moving away from annual cleaning, but the bad news is that there are so many brands and types available that it is difficult knowing which one to buy. When thinking of buying a Dolphin Nautilus pool cleaner, for instance, buyers should understand what a brand has to offer.

Suction, pressure and robotic

There are three main types of devices intended to collect debris and sediment on the market: suction, pressure and robotic. Suction vacuums feature a hose that is attached to the skimmer box and makes use of the suction created by the basin’s filtration system to suck up the grime. The main drawback of this type of system is the fact that the skimmer does not work while the aquatic vacuum is operating, thus limiting the system’s ability to remove leaves and debris from the surface of the water. Pressure cleaners are much more powerful and they operate with an additional booster pump. These models tend to be quite expensive to adapt to your system if it doesn’t already have one. Additionally, they can put strain on the filtration system. Last but not least, robotic pool cleaners are computer-controlled vacuums that operate independently from the pump and filter system. This model basically scrubs the basin so as to remove debris and bacteria.

Features to look for when buying a pool cleaner

You pool cleaner should be able to cope with different shapes and sizes. The only way it can do this is by allowing you to adjust the hose buoyancy and main flow. Some vacuums even have a deflector, so the aquatic vacuum is not likely to get stuck in one place. Another thing that you should take into account is the length of the hose. Make sure that the hose reaches from one end of the basin to the other, plus a meter. Some cleaners can climb steps if it is necessary, but on the other hand some aquatic vacuums can be used even if your basin is covered.

Dolphin pool cleaners

The Dolphin range of robotic pool cleaners is manufactured by Maytronics. If you take a close look at the website of the company, you will see that they say they have decades of expertize and that the Dolphin range delivers only high-performance pool cleaning. To a large extent, this is true. Their aquatic vacuums are at the same time effective and efficient. Each single model features its own filtration system and removes debris from the water while scrubbing the walls, floors and the waterline. Since the Dolphin vacuums remove algae and bacteria, there is no more need to use chemicals. Since Dolphin features an extensive range of products, finding the ideal one for you is possible.