6 March

Be up to date with the latest abaya trends for this Ramadan


Ramadan is known as the most sacred period in the Islamic calendar, yet this does not mean you have to neglect the way you dress up. For many people of non-Arabic countries, abayas are probably considered as plain and simple outfits that couldn’t make the person stand out in any way, but they couldn’t be any more wrong. Whether you choose to wear open or closed abayas, you can still look fashionable, so here are some useful tips to help you style up for Ramadan this year.

The open jacket style

One of the most popular trends nowadays is to wear abayas as open jackets. Opt for some wide leg pants and tuck a top underneath your abaya. This will make for a chic and fashionable outfit that is both comfortable and eye-catching. Another great outfit idea for open abayas is to wear a maxi dress underneath.

Accessorize your outfit

It seems like with open abayas you have more outfit options you can go for, but what about wearing closed abayas? Well, in such cases the secret ingredient is the accessory. It is essential that you select an abaya that matches your skin tone. When jazzing up with accessories, make sure these elements suit the colour and fabric of the abaya in order to obtain the perfect look that will make everyone turn heads for you. Whether you choose to wear high heels or pointed flats, whether you go for some dainty rings or a beautifully crafted woman watch, it is for sure that your outfit will make you stand out from the crowd.

Match your abaya with the right hijab

In most cases when buying an abaya you also receive a matching hijab. However, that hijab does not always make for an aesthetically pleasing outfit. Try matching your abaya with something more out of the ordinary instead. If the design on your abaya includes some subtle colours, you can look for the same ones in your hijab. In case the abaya is all black, you can still opt for a hijab that flatters your skin tone best. For warm toned skins for example, salmon, peaches or warn nudes make for great colour choice, whereas those with cooler toned skins should go for cooler colours such as green, blue or grey.

As you can see, there are always great ways to jazz up your outfit, so consider these tips the next time you wear your abaya.