15 October

Beginners’ guide to flooring

As a beginner, choosing the right flooring for your house is not an easy thing to do. In order to keep your home safe and your family away from domestic accidents caused by the floor, the best thing you could do is focus your attention on a non-slip surface. Depending on your personal preferences, on the overall style of the house and on the atmosphere you want to create, there are plenty of options when it comes to flooring Ottawa. If you have never been involved in the process of decorating and furnishing a property, you should know that there are also other elements to keep in mind when making the final decision: the anticipated level of traffic, the furniture movement or the degree of coziness.

What type of material should you choose?

Mastering and choosing the material for your floor is an essential thing that will help you enjoy it as long as possible. You need to opt for a resistant material, and experts recommend stone or hard wood. This is due to the fact that, whether you like it or not, the floors are exposed to intense traffic: your family members, the guests, the pets – these will all step on it daily. This means that in time, a material that is not durable enough will fade away, become scratched and look worn out. Replacing the floors is not something you would want to do regularly, since it involves a lot of hard work and financial investment, so make sure you make the right call from the beginning.

Can you add a non-slip coat, once you have the floor installed?

If your taste for luxury and glamour has won, and you have chosen an extremely shiny wooden floor, you should know that there are still some things you can do to keep it beautiful yet safe. According on the material you have (marble is also a majestic option), you can add some non-slip layers, which will be more than welcomed especially on the stairs. An extra coat will help the floors look “healthy”, shiny and neat, yet ensure they are safe and secure. To this end, the most popular substances used by specialists are rubberized aggregates or special floor wax.


Why should you know your surfaces?

Being aware of the properties and features of each surface from your house is important not only for your family’s safety, but also for the good maintenance of the floor. If you want to prevent accidents and precocious deterioration of the surfaces, you will have to protect the high traffic or narrow passageways. If the material you have chosen does not allow wax application, another cost effective solution would be adding some rugs and carpets.