16 November

Benefits of Using Custom Floating Keychains

If you are looking to buy an interesting gift for a good friend who is always searching for their lost keys, then a conventional keychain is exactly what you are looking for. On the other hand, if your friend has a boat or they simply love or swimming, we advise you to opt for custom floating keychains. Specifically designed to protect keys in water, these items are the perfect gift for any boat lover, sailor, fishermen or water lover. They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. As compared to conventional keychains that are just an accessory for your keys, these floating accesories provide the user with several benefits.

Keep your keys above the water

A floating keychain can come in handy in many situations. Even more so, these accessories are small, soft and can easily fit into your pocket. Most of them feature versatile designs and are made of soft and colorful EVA foam which allows them to float, instead of ending up at the bottom of the ocean, the pool or the river. Whether you are on a boat trip or at a pool party, take these accessories with you to protect your keys. If you are one of those people who has once lost their keys overboard, you will surely understand the importance of using floating key chains. As we already mentioned, the designs of these accessories are very versatile. Some of them feature nautical designs, others have sport designs, or holiday inspiration designs. From nautical rope, to vinyl coated states and flip flop or foam anchors, there are so many models available on the market, that it’s quite difficult to choose only one.

Promotional floating key chains with custom message

Aside from being great floating accesories that protect your keys, custom floating keychains can also be used as employee incentives or as advertising solutions. You can imprint your logo on them in order to create a promotional product that draws the attention of potential customers. Plenty of companies use these items to print the company message on the floating foam. The fact that they float is a major perk because they will become excellent gifts for boat owners, hotel owners, boat dealers and so on. As we already said, conventional keychains are great and we all have at least one, but the floating model is a next level protection for your keys. Many business owners prefer to put their company signature on these floating promo items which will never end up at the bottom of any pool or river. Overall, aside from being efficient and extremely versatile items, the custom floating keychains are affordable as well.