20 October

Best Dishwashers for Tiny Kitchens

Dishwashers are devices created with one purpose: to make our lives easier. Nowadays, most families think about investing in a good quality dishwasher that can last for a long period of time. If you take a look at some reviews on bestdishwasher.reviews, you will see that nowadays, dishwashers come in a wide variety of sizes with numerous performance and convenience features. Compact dishwashers are very popular among customers who wish to save space in their tiny kitchens. However, it may be quite difficult to choose one, among all these models. That’s why, today, we’ve gathered a small list of the best dishwashers for tiny kitchens. Find out more below.

Maytag Jetclean Plus — $629.10

Maytag Jetclean Plus is one of the most efficient dishwashers on the market and out top choice today. This dishwasher comes with great features and a compact and light design. It features a stainless steel exterior with no visible controls. You can easily place this dishwasher under the sink, thus saving a lot of space. We like that it features six washing cycles and five options so you can set it according to your preference. This Energy Star qualified dishwasher leaves your dishes sparkly clean while having a low operating cost. The optimum wash sensor is a great feature that lets you know when the dishes are clean so you can save more water.

Kenmore 24” portable dishwasher $699.99

Kenmore 24” dishwasher is our second choice and you will soon find out why. This dishwasher is only 18 inches wide and features a simple design, with an even countertop that blends in nicely with your interior decor. One thing that you must keep in mind regarding the usability of the Kenmore dishwasher is the fact that it can be easily transported from one room to another. As with many compact dishwashers, you will find a row of buttons which showcase the six wash cycle that the dishwasher comes with, such as Normal Wash, Quick Rinse, Eco, etc. These washing cycles can be adjusted for different types of dishes.

GE 24.25-inch Portable Dishwasher $699

Our last choice is the GE dishwasher, which is a nice feature to any kitchen, mainly because it’s easy to move around and easy to use. This portable dishwasher features a large exterior where you can place different types of dishes. We like that this GE model comes with a prewash system, which does wonders in removing hard food stains. In addition, the sanitize feature makes sure that there are no germs and bacteria left on your plates. According to customer reviews, this dishwasher is very fast in the normal wash home and more quiet, compared to the previous two types of dishwashers.