24 June

Best White Noise Machines for a Restful Sleep

With a white noise machine you can fall asleep much faster and also stay asleep for longer. If you have troubles falling asleep, you can opt for one of the white noise machines listed below. We did a lot of research in order to narrow down our options to these 5 units. For research, we read countless reviews, and we found the reviews featured on the soundmachine.best website to be the most informative. All of these models are very efficient at blocking background noises that may interrupt your sleep. To learn more about their main features and advantages, read this following article.

Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine ASM1002

If you are looking for a sleep sound machine that can help you fall asleep within a short period of time, then the Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine could be a great choice. This model includes several soothing and relaxing sounds, like ocean waves, rainfall or meadows; more unique sounds like meditation, train, city and fireplaces and white noise which can block all background noises. The white noise is soothing and it can promote a relaxing sleep. The recordings are high quality and all of the sounds feel natural and very soothing.

Homedics Deep Sleep HDS-2000

The Homedics Deep Sleep machine uses 12 sleep sounds that fall into different categories: water, nature and white noise. With the Homedics sleep sound machine you can control the sound quality and adjust the volume and tone control of each sound, so that you can fall asleep faster and not be interrupted by loud white noise or nature sounds. What’s worth mentioning here is the fact this machine features a sleep therapy option that helps you fall asleep by using a blend of nature or water noises with the white noises.

Sound Oasis S-550-05

Compared to other sound machines, the Sound Oasis gives you the option to install additional sound cards so that you can choose between more peaceful sounds. The default settings are: rain, white noise, ocean surf, wind and summer night. The nature sounds, including the wind and stream which are also the most popular, are very soothing and not at all distracting, so you can sleep peacefully at night.

Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine

The Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine offers ten different sounds, such as summer night, tropical forest, running stream, birdsong, white noise, heartbeat, rainfall, ocean waves, waterfall and thunderstorm, so you will definitely find your favorite sound among all of these unique and soothing sounds. This machine duplicates perfectly the sound of a fetal heart monitor, so it’s a great choice for parents who wish to use the sound machine even in the nursery.

LectroFan – Fan Sound and White Noise Machine

The LectroFan is a good white noise/ fan sound generator that comes with ten different fan sounds and white noise. This particular mode uses digital recordings of actual fans, and not electronic imitations that are common at other comparable models. We like that the sound library of the LectroFan offers a wide spectrum of white noise frequencies, so users can sort through various sounds until they find the right frequency.