12 January

Buying checklist for laminate flooring

Even though to someone who has remodeled their home several times choosing laminated flooring might seem easy, those who are doing this for the first time will need to consider a few things in order to make the right decision. Here are the main questions every person should ask:

Is laminate the right floor for me?

Question 1: Where is the floor going?

Answer: Even though laminate flooring can go virtually anywhere, you should still avoid areas where there will be a lot of moisture such as the bathroom. However, this type of flooring will go great over radiant heat, always you should make sure you buy the right one.


What laminate floor should I choose?

Even though laminate parquet Bologna is usually quite durable, you will need to choose the right type for what you need. If you are thinking of placing laminate floors in an office where chances are it will be exposed to a lot of foot traffic, high heels and office chairs, you will need to buy one that has higher Abrasion Class. For residential purposes, something with moderate or general AC will suffice.


What style should I choose?

Before choosing the style you should first think of where you want to place it and how it will look in the end. This is a decision that you should not hurry on doing, because chances are you will not replace your parquet anytime soon. Keep in mind that usually, the color of the parquet will be slightly darker than the sample and that’s because you may look at the sample near a window, but not have access to the same light when you actually install it in your home. The texture of the floor is also something to consider, because you do have a few options to choose from. You can choose flooring with grain texture or handscraped to mimic the genuine technique or something else that your supplier might have to offer.


What is the best place to buy my laminate?

These days, everything you need in available in several different places, so the best place to buy something is the one that is most convenient for your current needs. Obviously you should take your time and visit a showroom, but if you already know what you want, there are suppliers who accept orders by the phone or you could even shop for what you need online. Do keep in mind that the color might vary in real life than the one you see on a website, so it is worth buying from a store that has a showroom where you can see the actual products before ordering them.


This is the checklist you should do before buying laminated floors. These points will help you make the right choice and be happy with your floors. Laminated is a very popular choice these days because it is easy to maintain and comes at a relatively affordable price compared to other flooring options.