7 October

Can exhibition staff increase your sales?

Every manager wants to be able to promote company products as efficiently as possible and obtain the best results out of their marketing campaign. To this extent, experiential marketing has certainly grown in popularity, as people tend to respond better when they interact with someone directly, rather than just watching a commercial. To this extent, this is how exhibition staff can increase your sales:

Increase brand awareness

Studies have shown that people are more inclined to choose products they are familiar with, even though there may be more suitable alternatives. Think about it, how many times have you not passed along a product without every noticing it? This is where exhibition staff can help you considerably, as a team of professionals will make sure your products will never remain unnoticed. The agency will create an entire marketing campaign for your products and the exhibition models will promote it successfully among all passers-by. This way customers get to interact with the product before purchasing it, they learn about it and become familiar with it. The great part is that they become familiar with your general brand, so even if you are promoting a certain chocolate bar at the moment, when they see your other products, they will be tempted to try them as well, even if they were not necessarily promoted.


Present your product thoroughly

Exhibition staff is usually trained to be able to answer any question a customer might ask. This way your targeted customers will receive all the information they need to know about your products and they will feel more tempted to buy them afterwards. You can even offer some free samples at the beginning of your campaign, organise various contests and activities that include your potential customers and thus get them to become even more involved and understand the product you are offering completely.


Gather information from customers

Every company has a certain option regarding what its customer think of its products. The problem is that this opinion might not always be accurate and with the help of exhibition staff, you could also gather some information from potential customers. You can ask the staff to ask general questions about your brand and your products as well as what the customers believe of the product that is currently promoted. This way you will receive fresh information, directly from the source and you will be able to work with real data, as opposed to only assumptions.


To conclude, exhibition staff can play a pretty important role in the overall success of your company and can lead to significant increases of sales if they are used properly. When you invest in the right type of marketing and you work with an experienced team of promotional models, you can expect wonderful results. When you are promoting your products properly, you can always expect to reach your targeted sales. Experiential marketing certainly has an important effect over marketing campaigns and can make an enormous difference in the overall success of a product.