6 April

Card making supplies buying guide

Card making is considered one of the most popular types of project in the UK among paper crafters. For some people card making is imply a way in which they can express their thoughts and sentiments, while for others it is part of their culture. Illustrated pieces of paper are made for any occasion there is, including Valentine’s Day and one of the biggest benefits of making your own designs is the fact that it is virtually inexpensive, especially when you compare the prices to ready-made ones in shops on the high street. Whether you want to start crafting high quality paper for fun or for profit, you need card making supplies. Basic supplies can be used for any kind of project, but if you are looking for special effects, then you should buy special tools. It also helps knowing what to consider when investing in supplies.

The card itself

The card itself forms the base and for this reason you should get the right type of stock. It is very important to choose quality, heavy stock. What you should avoid getting lightweight paper because the weak structure provides a poor finish and the paper will not stand well. On the other hand, thick, high quality paper is easier to make to stand up and balances better, even if you choose to decorate it with heavy embellishments. In addition to the quality of the stock, decide whether you want to purchase flat, fresh paper fold and craft from scratch.

Card making tools

When buying supplies, you will need a number of tools. To be more precise, you should purchase a pair of high quality craft scissors that will allow you to cut the paper. Taking into consideration that scissors are invaluable, you should invest in two pairs, namely a small one and a large one. For ribbons and fabric, you will need a different pair of scissors. If you are planning to fold the paper, you will need a stylus. A stylus will allow you to create fast and easy decorative effects. Another tool that is essential is the adhesive. Keep in mind that different types of glue serve different purposes. You should get a multipurpose craft glue because it is good for a variety of uses.


Besides choosing the stock and the tools, you will have to decide what embellishments you want to use. The range of choices is virtually limitless, but it includes fabric, ribbon, toppers, mounted embroidery and decoupage. Having the proper embellishments you can make impressive greeting card, but you should not add too much decoration as they can detract the attention from the beauty.

Even before beginning collecting the supplies that you need, you should research the various craft methods and identify the ones that appeal to you. When knowing what you need, you will help you narrow down the field and select the most appropriate supplies. If you are new to card making, then you should consider buying a kit in order to get started. You can find kits in craft stores, department stores and many online sources.