28 October

Children clothes – Dos and Don’ts for parents

Believe it or not, parents think that sometimes buying clothes for children can be a very stressful and tiring activity, especially because today’s society children have become more and more demanding. But here they are some dos and don’ts related to this activity which can help you face this situation more easily.


Dos for parents who want to make their child happy


Try to have a good management of your time and look for online stores. You can use the words “kids clothes” in order to find some good products. Also, don’t forget that there are sites which help you compare the prices and find the best promotions. Going from one shop to another can be very annoying, especially when you come after a long working day.


Choose quality before price! It is true that sometimes a good price can be very tempting, but try to think about your child’s health. There are materials which can cause him or her allergies, due to the fact that their skin is very sensitive.


Teach your child to define his own style. This is an educational lesson which every parent should take into consideration because it has a great influence on the development of a person. And don’t believe that this activity should be reserved only for girls. Fashion is an important aspect for boys too, especially for little personalities that may need a boost of confidence to shine. Wearing an outfit that they are proud to wear can transcend the pride from cloth to conscience. So, maybe a good idea is to show your child pictures and ask him to choose the items that he likes most. Then, ask him to match the clothes, as if he does a puzzle.


Read fashion blogs which contain information about tips and tricks and try to apply them. And if you have time, you can try to use handmade techniques in order to create original clothes. For example, if your child is more than five years old, you can ask him or her to help you create the clothes.

Don’ts when it comes to buying children’s clothes


Don’t get the wrong idea that you shouldn’t buy fashion clothes because a child grows up faster and you have to repeat the investment at least once a month.


Don’t try to copy other children’s look, not even if they are celebrities. The most important aspect is to have a unique style that fits best your kid.


Don’t have unrealistic expectations when it comes to clothes. Try to be rational and understand that the majority of stores use editing techniques in order to make clothes look better. So, try to analyse the picture and decide if the product is worth to invest in.


Don’t make mistakes when it comes to size and dimensions. Be sure that you know exactly which fits your child.


Don’t get mad when your kid grows up and wants to pick up his or hers own clothes. Maybe it’s time to face the truth and admit the fact that you have different perspectives when it comes to fashion. But don’t worry! Being different it’s ok and fashion is an important part of his or her personality.