16 February

Clear signs you need to repair your sash windows

It is essential for a house to have high quality windows, not only because they make it look more attractive, but also because it makes the house more comfy and grows in value. However, due to various external factors such as ever-changing weather, the quality of windows may alter in time and they may need to be repaired or even replaced once in a while. If you are interested in a company that provides sash window repairs Islington, you should do some quick online research. Here are some clear signs that tell you it is high time to repair your sash windows.

Window panes are cracked or broken

It is for sure that you will notice if you’re the window panes are damaged in any way, be it broken, chipped or cracked. The most common cause for this to happen is storm damage, hit by various foreign objects or harsh cleaners. In such cases, it is recommended you replace the sash and glass in order to avoid having shattered glass on the floor.

Rotting wooden windows

You can tell if a house is old simply by taking a quick look at its windows. If you have old wooden windows with rotted frames, it is time you replace them with some new sash windows. In case the frames are simply discoloured (which usually happens due to weathering), but not rotted, you can fix this problem with a new, fresh coat of paint.

Condensation due to broken seals

If you notice your panes are foggy and there is condensation between them, you should know that the most common cause is broken window seals. It usually occurs on those modern windows that have more panes of glass, since those traditional, single-pane windows do not “suffer” from this condition. It is advisable to resort to the services of a professional, since they can determine exactly whether the window needs repair or replacement. Either way, it is best you call for professional help and to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Stubborn windows

Hard-to-open windows or stubborn windows have various causes and some examples are painted-shut sashes, dirty balances and tracks or broken hardware. In such cases you should engage in a cleaning process and try removing accumulated dirt and give the sash a new coat of paint to improve its appearance.

All things considered, these are some of the most common signs you need to pay attention to since they tell you need to repair/replace your sash windows.