12 March

Common problems of unfruitful trees – how to solve them

If you live in a big house and you also have a big garden to the back of your house, then you can consider yourself lucky. The greatest advantage of big gardens is that you can create your own orchard and benefit from eco fruits all year long. There are many online stores that provide fruit trees and they all offer a similar service, so in case you want to know how to grow your own fruit trees or to find quality stores to assist your new venture then just hit the internet and get your search underway. You will be ditching your supermarket fresh produce shop in no time in favour of plumper, tastier fruit varieties grown in your back garden, or out of tubs in your yard!  Below are the most common problems you can encounter that lead to unfruitful trees and some solutions to those problems to help you prepare for the moment you start designing your own orchard.

Inappropriate weather

It is a matter-of-course that people cannot control weather, not even in their own gardens, which of course is a shame. Unfortunately that does mean that you have to monitor the climate and gauge what effect it could have on your budding fruit trees. You should know that flower buds simply cannot resist severely cold weather for example, and they can die before they even open, not to mention the fact that during blossoming, flowers are not able to produce pollen if the weather drops under 0 degree Celsius. On the other hand, if the summer lasts for too long, this can affect fruit buds formation for the following spring, automatically leading to fewer or even no fruit. It is important to irrigate trees, especially during droughty summers. Moreover, protecting the trees during severe winter conditions is mandatory.

Do not forget about pruning

It is generally known that fruit trees have to be pruned each year. The reason is that this way you help trees to maintain a proper balance between growth and fruiting. It is essential to prune your trees on an annual basis, because this way you help them grow healthy and they will naturally harvest more fruit. If you miss it even for one single year, this might seriously affect the trees’ productivity. Trees will grow excessively in laterals and fruit buds will not be as numerous as in the case of pruned trees.

You should feed your trees

It is not necessary to feed your trees usually if they have been planted correctly, but in case they are cropping very poorly or they are not cropping at all, you should consider feeding them. One of the causes of poor cropping is the lack of nutrient or deprivation of it, which might be caused by poor soils. This can also happen in the case of soils that have their nutrients washed out after some serious rainfall. You can use some good fruit tree feed in March and June, which are the most recommended periods of the year for tree feeding. Make sure you also remove other competing plants and weeds from around the tree that might take their energy from required nutrients. It is important not to overfeed trees, because this can cause growth of excessive leaf, thus inhibiting fruit bud formation. Follow our advice for the most optimum fruit harvest.