15 February

Complex conditions which might affect your dog

There is a wrong idea to think that dogs are not getting sick, they are suffering from many types of illnesses, but they are not able to transmit you that they do not feel well. Some conditions, which affects dogs, are more common than others are, and you might not be familiar with their symptoms. These ones are more serious ones, that can affect your dog’s health on a long term, and in some conditions, they might even cause him death. For dealing with conditions that have as side effect internal bleeding, you have to purchase for your dog Yunnan Baiyao capsules, which seem to be the only medicine on the market that can treat cancer without increasing the bleeding. Here are some complex conditions that can affect the health state of your dog.


Even dogs suffer from cancer, and for them there are very few types of treatment, which can help them, regain their health. This is the main reason many veterinaries suggest people to treat their dogs with oriental medicines like Yunnan Baiyao. This treatment is well known as having many benefits for both people and animals; because it helps, the body stop the internal bleeding, and recover when it is affected by cancer. Therefore, the good news is that if you are able to discover cancer in the early stages you will help your dog recover from it. For doing this, you should take into consideration to visit the vet office from time to time for a routine health screening.

Gastric Dilatation Volvulus

This condition is common on giant breeds or dogs with deep chest, but sometimes it can appear even at the other breeds. This condition appears when the stomach of your dog is filled with food or gas, and the stomach rotates. The gas becomes trapped in the stomach and it cuts the blood supply to the spleen and stomach. Because the pressure builds up, the tissue from the stomach begins to die and this might lead to death. In case you consider that, your dog is affected by this condition, you should rush to the vet’s office because he needs immediate surgery.


Doctors call it canine parvovirus, this condition is the result of a potentially fatal virus, which attacks the cells from your dog’s body, and it might cause him death. You have to know that in case you have more than one dog, and he is suffering from this condition, the other can get infested too, because it is highly contagious. The symptoms of this health condition are vomiting, diarrhea and lethargy, and if you are not rushing to the vet’s office, your dog might die. Commonly it affects puppies and unvaccinated dogs, because in case you get him vaccinated when he was young, he is protected from being affected by this fatal virus. You should know that it is advisable to vaccinate him because this disease often is discovered when it becomes too serious and there is little that can be done. In most cases, this condition leads to death.