30 May

Crafts made out of ribbons any child can make

Nowadays, children tend to spend a great deal of time in front of the computer. For this reason, many parents try to make their children enrol in different interesting activities that will not only keep them away from the computer for some time, but will also develop their creativity and imagination. One great example of such activities that any child can enrol into is craft ribbons. Many people consider that ribbons can only be used for wrapping presents, but if you read the rest of the article, you will find out other interesting crafts made out of ribbons.

Knotted ribbon belts

If you want to keep your child away from the computer for about one or two hours, the best method is to provide them the necessary materials for a craft project. One interesting idea is to create a knotted belt out of ribbons. For this, you need some ribbons that are smaller in terms of size. There is a wide variety of ribbons of different colours on the market, so all you have to do is some research online and select the colour you or your children like the most. Look for some tutorials on the internet and then start this project together with your child.

Cardboard and ribbons for picture frames

Another amazing craft project idea is to design some picture frames and the only two things your child will need for this project are some ribbons and a piece of cardboard. The first step is to draw two ovals of different dimensions and cut the cardboard in this shape. The second oval will represent the window for your picture. The next step is to wind the ribbon around the oval that has just been cut. It is important to overlap the ribbon as evenly as possible in order to obtain the best result. After the entire cardboard is wrapped in ribbon, it is time to fasten the ribbon safely at the back using just some strong tape. Another smaller cardboard but this time without a window will be needed for the back of the frame.

The easiest craft project – a bookmark

One of the easiest craft projects that are suitable even for younger children is a do-it-yourself bookmark. In this case, the necessary materials are ribbons, a piece of cardboard, scissors and some glue. It is recommended the ribbon to be wider, so look for this type of ribbon in stores. Cut the cardboard and make sure it has the same size and width as the ribbon. Glue the ribbon onto the piece of cardboard and wait for it to dry. Your child will have a great bookmark that all their classmates will admire.

As you can see, these are some interesting and fun ideas for craft projects that are suitable for children. It is a great method to keep them occupied for a while and make them forget about that game they have just discovered the other day. These craft projects are also a great method to spend some parent-and-child quality time, so you should definitely enrol in such activities.