18 April

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Most homeowners tend to overlook how the exterior of their properties look like. We get it, you don’t see it as a priority to invest in, especially when you have just bought your house. Yet, a beautiful house exterior is just as important as a beautiful interior.

So, maybe it is time to upgrade your home’s exterior. Here are 4 tips to inspire you on how to make your house’s exterior more visually appealing:

1.     Repaint it

Definitely, the most cost-effective improvement that will have a significant impact on how your exterior looks like is repainting the exterior walls.

The exterior walls are prone to several factors that make their colors fade and get dirty, including rain, sun exposure, and dust. All of these factors make them look really bad over time. So, repainting them is a cheap and easy way to create a big impact.

There are plenty of color schemes you can choose from for the exterior walls of your home. We, however, recommend you to stay away from bright colors, such as shades of whites or beige, especially if your home is located in a desert-like climate area where your home’s exterior is exposed to a lot of dust.  

2.     Pave the way

Paving your house’s exterior can also have a major impact on how it will look. Paving the walkways, driveways, and pathways is as important as having a well-maintained lawn. And, apart from making your exterior more visually appealing, it also increases the value of your home.

Think about where you want your path, driveway, or even patio if you have a large exterior area. Next, order belegningsstein and Trekkekummer, and use your creativity to path the way from your home to the areas of the exterior you use the most.

3.     Add a retaining wall

Retaining walls have plenty of purposes, besides improving the way your home’s exterior looks like. They hold back soils when the topography of your property suffers any changes. Also, retaining walls are used to terrace yards, prevent erosion, and create usable outdoor space. But, most importantly, they add a beautiful element to your outdoor landscaping.

When building a støttemur, there are several material options you can choose from, such as concrete blocks, stacked rocks, or pressure-treated 2x4s, plywood, and trim boards. Depending on the landscaping project you have for your exterior, choose the material that visually fits the best.

4.     Add a front porch

Although building a front porch to your home is a more challenging project, it will definitely reshape the way your house’s exterior will look like.  Adding a front porch is a great way to enhance your doorway and offer more living space. Moreover, you’ll have an excellent place to sit during sunny or rainy days when you want to spend time outside but need a shelter.

Adding a front porch to your home not only adds lots of curb appeal but can also increase the value of your property. 

These 4 design ideas will make your home’s exterior more visually appealing and help you create an outdoor space where you’ll love to spend time.