21 December

Custom T-shirts – an affordable gift idea


Having to buy a meaningful gift while on a budget is great challenge, no matter the occasion. Whether you’re a student who doesn’t afford paying $100 for a birthday gift or just someone who doesn’t think that the best presents are the most expensive ones, there are ways to surprise a loved one without spending a fortune. In fact, being on a budget often forces you to compensate through creativity and go the extra mile. So, this years, instead of buying a generic gift set or some random stocking fillers, make a custom T-shirt. The prices are very low and you will be able to create a unique gift that shows you really care. There are many stores that do custom t-shirts in Edmonton and many of them even have websites where you can place your order, so you don’t have to leave the house and face the mall clouds.

Pick any design you like


If you know someone who has a unique sense of fashion and doesn’t like wearing whatever is trending, a custom T-shirt is the perfect idea. You can start with a blank canvas, the white T-shirt, and customize it any way you want, using logos, photos, images and text. If you are creative and have some experience with collages or Photoshop, it’s even better. Of course, you’ll have to know a bit about the person to whom you are offering the gift, but nowadays this is not so difficult, because you can find out about someone’s likes and dislikes just from looking at their social media. For example, you can check out their Pinterest boards and use one of the pictures there.


How to choose photos


In addition to using pop-culture and general images for T-shirt printing, you can also choose actual photos of people. For example, you can find a good photo of you two and have it printed to remind yourselves of that day. Another idea would be to create a collage of your friend’s Instagram photos or of their pets, if you know he or she loves them. No matter what you choose, make sure it’s high quality first. Avoid picking small or low resolution images, because they will come out pixelated. Print photos at exactly their dimensions or smaller, do not make them larger unless they are vectors. Also, pay attention to the fact that some colors may look different on a piece of fabric than on a computer screen.


What can you offer other than T-shirts?


T-shirts are some of the cheapest items of clothing to print on, because they have little fabric, but, if you have a higher budget, you can ask the company to print the same design on a long sleeved T-shirt, pants or hoodie. You can even create a matching outfit or print cool logos and images on accessories such as caps. Generally, the websites where you can personalize T-shirts also have a section with creative ideas and tips and tips, so draw inspiration from there.