23 December

Decorate Around Your Chaise Lounge

Decorating a house can be a fun activity if you know how to place certain furniture items. An item that will always make a statement into a house is a chaise lounge, but you have to know how to complement its look. You should choose a black PK24 chaise lounge, because it is a dramatic and sleek piece, and you can place it in any room. You should know that finding items that will complement the look of such a bold items is not easy, and you have to create a look that will highlight it. Here are some tips that will help you decorate your room around your chaise lounge.

Find a place for it

You have to decide where you want to place it, because only when you find it a place you will know what furniture items you should buy, to decorate around it. One of the best decorating tips that we can give you is to turn the chaise lounge into a focal point. In order to do that, you should place it in the main seating area, and you can pair it with a set of armchairs, for creating additional seating. If you want to place it in a large room, you can use it as an accent item. The chaise lounge can look amazing if you place it in an empty corner. This item can prove to be very useful in your bedroom, because you can place it at the foot of your bed, or close to a window.

Buy furniture that contrasts its colour

When it comes to home decorating tips, contrasting colours are great for spicing things up. Because your chaise lounge is black, you should decide if you want to complement it with furniture that features a bold colour, or if you want to stay on a neutral scheme. If you want to make it a stand out item, you can paint the walls of your room in a light colour. You can purchase white or nude chairs if you want to achieve a modern look, and if you want to transform your room into a catchy one, you can buy furniture items in a neon colour.

Complement its luxurious look

A chaise lounge is a luxurious furniture item, and if you purchase the right items, it will transform your whole room into an elegant one. You can hang floor-length curtains, made from a fabric like velvet or brocade, to add a little drama to the room. In addition, you can add foiled wallpaper on a wall to achieve a richer look. If you place it in the living room, you can complement its look by placing a coffee table and furniture items that have a lacquered finish.

Accessorise it

This item is an outstanding one by itself, but you can transform it into the star of a room, by adding some accessories. The simplest option is to purchase some pillows, in a colourful shade, like emerald or red. You can coordinate the pillows colour with other accessories you want to buy for your room. If you placed it in a corner, you can put a rug beneath it, in a colour that it is contrasting with black, or that features a zebra pattern.