11 February

Delicate accessories you can use to spice your outfits

If you are passionate about fashion and style, you probably know that accessories are as important as the clothes you wear. Your shoes and bags are basically a must for a successful outfit, but besides these, there are also other accessories that can make you look amazing. Here are some simple yet effective elements you can use to improve your looks:


There are so many accessories you can use to spice up a look, but ribbons are probably the most convenient and affordable ones. This tiny fabrics are so versatile and diverse that can be actually worn with anything, regardless the occasion. Whether you want a statement hair accessory or a feminine decoration for a simple dress, bows will do the job. Ribbons in your hair will give you an elegant yet laid-back touch: you can wear them with a classy up do, as a head band, with a half up- half down coiffure and even insert them in several models of braids. Another great way to accessorize with ribbons is using them as belts – these narrow pieces of material are the perfect delicate alternative to a bulky belt. As you can see, you can basically do everything you want with small ribbons – just be creative and experience new ideas.



Scarves are probably the one element any woman should have in her wardrobe. They are not only extremely fashionable, but also very useful and functional, especially during the cold season. These accessories can be easily integrated in any type of outfit, since they are versatile and easy to match. There are dozens of ways to style a scarf around your neck – just watch some tutorials and you will discover how you can wear the same item differently. In addition to this, a fabulous scarf is the perfect garment if you want to transform day attire into one suitable for a night out or an official dinner. Besides the traditional use, you can also use scarves instead of belts or as an accessory for your bag.


Statement necklaces

These pieces of jewellery became famous a couple of years ago and have not left the fashion scene ever since. No matter what you are wearing and how basic your outfit is, if you add a gorgeous shiny necklace, you will immediately manage to save the day and add a touch of glam to the look. Statement necklaces can be worn with almost anything, from sport attires (sneakers included) to elegant cocktail gowns and tom boy combinations. They are the perfect adornment so make sure you include one in your accessory collection.