14 June

Do you have a hard time choosing accessories? Here’s what you can do

Most of the times, selecting what items would you like to wear for emphasising your clothes depends on various criteria. Accessorizing has the amazing power of changing moods, so putting your lucky bracelet on at the right time might make a huge difference in your day by day routine. You should consider being versatile when it comes to buying pieces of ornaments for your body (and soul). Here are some tips regarding choosing accessories:


Style and symbolism

First thing to do when you want to pick accessories to suit your outfit is to set up your style. Do you want to go casual? Do not try supplementing your clothes too much or you might get asked what the deal is with all the preparation ahead. Do you want to go for a hard core look? Focus your attention on eye-catching symbols like skulls or bones. If you are looking for a bold look check their offer.  There is a far-reaching range of accessories you can choose from, so take your time and explore all your options before making any decision and (most important) know yourself first.

Combinations and colour palette

  • Necklaces

Depending on what you decided to wear, you should know there are several rules to keep in mind when you accessorize your neckline. For boat neck and scoop neck types of blouses and T-shirts you can go for long necklaces or multi-chains. When wearing a crew neck, V neck or a strapless tank top, aim to short necklaces. A head skull chain is often short in length so you can combine it with a simple, black crew neck T-shirt.

  • Earrings

For oblong and rectangular face shapes, where the length overdoes the width and your features are really stand out, you should try creating the illusion of wideness using earring that do not come past your chin. You should look for square-shaped or fan-shaped earrings such as small studs, round buttons, tear drops or hoops. If you have curved facial features, strike for chandeliers earrings with your hair up.

  • Bracelet stacking

Lately, wearing a lot of bracelets around your wrist has become a quite known trend, but randomly picking some of your old wristbands and throwing them on your hands will not be exactly ideal. Colour and material matching is a must: if you happen to start with a colourful bracelet, try not to add more than one nuance to it. Instead, go for neuter beads, braids and strings. Contrastingly, if you are trying to add colour to your outfit, select a shade from the exact opposite range you are already wearing.

This being said, accessorizing may seem like a hard task to complete, but once you got all the information you need and your wardrobe is full of choices you can make, it becomes a fun activity which may progress into an actual hobby. If you are completely into playing with colours, symbols and materials you are on the right track and you may invest in your passion.