16 July

Downsizing the home: What you need to do

When the word downsizing comes to mind, you immediately picture moving into a smaller home. The thing is that you don’t have to leave the neighborhood that is so dear to you. If you want bigger living quarters, then get rid of some of the belongings. You’ve accumulated lots and lots of stuff and now your home is overflowing with old things. Getting rid of stuff is hard, but it will make your life much simpler. To make the transition as smooth as possible, use the following tips. They will come in handy.

Determine what you’re going to keep

Shopping and accumulating things makes some people happy. When they feel sad or they are disappointed with life, they go out and buy themselves something nice. What these people don’t realize is that material things don’t bring about happiness. It’s only an illusion. What about you? How many things have you purchased over the years? Since you need to downsize the home, the guess is that a lot. Figure out what you’ll do with the excess baggage. If you don’t want to part with your mother’s possession, then don’t. But don’t keep them in the home. There are plenty of storage units near me. Rent a self-storage unit and move the possessions there. Take a close look through your home and decide what you’ll keep. No matter how much you love certain items, you won’t be able to hold onto them. There is simply not enough room.  

Sell, sell, sell

Reducing clutter in the home is absolutely necessary. What are you supposed to do? Throwing the things in the garbage isn’t a good idea. Even if the possessions are of old age, they are still valuable. Basically, you can sell your old stuff for money. CDs and electronics can bring in a lot of bucks, so why not give them up? In order to get the most money for your belongings, sell them online. Sites like eBay are easy to use and they attract buyers from all over the world. If you prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, then have a yard sale. You can throw in some of your old books too. Yes, but will people come? Sure, they will. There are many people searching for bargains and they prefer seeing what they spend their money on. If the yard sale will be a success, that depends on you, that is your commitment.

Don’t start too late

It’s never a good idea to postpone projects. The longer you wait to do something, the less likely you are to do it. If you’ve made the decision to downsize the home, then do it already. Sort through the things in the house. It is important to keep the memories and let go of the stuff. While you shouldn’t be wasting time, neither should you rush the process. Why? You may ask. Because you don’t want to make mistakes. Take as much time as you need and shed that unnecessary stuff.