30 September

Employees and tax relief – Things you should know

In many industries, it is possible for employees to ask for a percentage of their annual contribution. It is mandatory to pay taxes, in various forms, from annual contributions, from union memberships, to income taxes. Moreover, many spend a lot of money on things like cleaning fees for their uniforms. This way, their annual work related expenses could reach high levels. However, most of them are eligible for a tax refund. The process is fairly simple, and you will be able to get a retribution. In time, the amount of money can become consistent. As an employee, you are able to receive your taxes and other contributions from the past five years. However, below are some aspects workers should know when they proceed to do so.

1. Uniform jobs are privileged

From workers in healthcare fields, to teachers, police officers and airplane crew members, they all are entitled to receive a part of their taxes as a refund. Many can ask for a reimbursement of uniform cleaning fees, if in the facility they are working in these services are not provided. For example, medical employees can receive up to 100 pounds per year as cleaning costs. Nurses, for example, can even claim a rebate for their stockings or tights, if the job is requiring a specific colour or pattern. On the other hand, teachers can apply for a union membership refund and if they teach classes like Physical Education, they can fill some forms in order to have their cleaning expenses refunded as well. A similar case is with crew members working in airline industry. They can have refunded the consistent amount of 700 pounds per year. Therefore, regardless of the field you are working in, if you are wearing a uniform as a specific requirement, chances are you are an eligible candidate for a tax reimbursement. There is one condition, though. Your employer must not cover those expenses for you. If they do, you do not have any right to a tax relief.

2. The process is different, taking into account the amount you are claiming for

Employees claiming under 2,500 pounds will apply by filling a Self-Assessment Tax Return. If a bigger amount is claimed, employees must also fill in some other documents besides the previously mentioned one.

However, you can always get in touch with a tax rebate specialist and ask for their help. They will handle the process with a high level of professionalism, will manage the paperwork in a proper way and you will be able to go on with your normal life. The process can be sometimes quite difficult, especially because there is a lot of bureaucracy involved. Moreover, such agencies have a “no win, no charge” policy. However, that money is rightfully yours and you could use it in many other ways. Maybe redecorate your home or go on a well-deserved vacation. Whatever you decide to do with it, the chance of claiming tax back must not be passed.