25 August

Extra features for a luxurious swimming pool

Fort most homeowners, a large swimming pool is the ultimate home improvement project, an investment that enhances the property from every point of view: health, relaxation, entertainment. But did you know that you can make your swimming pool even more amazing? Because it’s not just a body of water, it’s a part of your home that needs to be adapted to your lifestyle and customised according to your needs. Depending on the purpose of your swimming pool, there are certain elements that can be added for extra luxury and comfort. Contractors such as seawaypoolsntubs.com have the skills and equipment to execute complex pool building projects, so don’t hesitate to share your vision with them!


Pool lights for a magical atmosphere


Do you picture yourself in the pool, at night, gazing at the stars? If your answer is yes, then adding a few pool lights is a matter of practicality. On the one hand, you will need them because it’s not exactly safe to have a pool surrounded by complete darkness. On the other hand, lights can set the mood and make the pool a magical place. What’s more, they’re very inexpensive. The best idea is to add lights that charge in the sun and then light up at night.


Swim all year round with pool heaters


In a country like Canada, which doesn’t get a lot of sunlight and has relatively low temperatures, installing a swimming pool without adding any heaters is almost foolish, because you can’t make that much use out of it. Why go swimming only in summer when you can do this all year around? Install heaters and you’ll be able to go for a swim even when in the spring and autumn, when it’s chilly outside.


Swimming pool waterfalls


Adding a waterfall to your swimming pool isn’t really necessary, but, if you want to have fun, it’s an aspect to consider. If you have children, they will love playing and splashing under the water. Besides, a waterfall will give your yard a relaxing, zen vibe and also increase the value of the property if you want to resell it. For inspiration, look at Asian-inspired designs.


Pool covers – a practical addition


Why should you increase the installation cost by getting a swimming pool cover? It’s simple: because it makes the pool a cleaner, safer space. On the one hand, placing a cover over the pool while it is not in use prevents dust, dirt, leaves and debris from getting into the water. This also reduces the cleaning cost and doesn’t put a strain on filtration system. A pool without a cover can be unpractical, because you have to clean it more often. On the other hand, a cover adds extra security. If you have children or pets, having an uncovered pool on your property can be quite a hazard, because someone can accidentally fall in the water. Although installing a cover raises the installation cost, it is an investment and can assure your safety and peace of mind.