17 June

Features that Matter when Buying a Robot Vacuum

Floor cleaning has been simplified even more since the robot vacuum has been invented as you can use this device and never have to maneuver a regular vacuum. However, the efficiency of the robot vacuum depends on some features that increase its performance. Keep reading to discover which are the features that matter when buying a robot vacuum.

Bristle brushes

For your robot vacuum to be extremely efficient, it must not only absorb the dirt but it must also collect it from hard-to-reach areas so every corner will be perfectly cleaned. In order for this to happen, the robot vacuum must include rotating brushes that agitate the dirt from corners, wall lines or between the steps so it will manage to absorb all the dust on the floors. The bristle brushes allow the vacuum to absorb even more dirt, thus increasing the efficiency of its powerful motor.

Dirt sensors

Although the robot vacuum performs a complete cleaning of the entire floor, it must pay extra attention to very dirty spots in high traffic areas. The dirt sensors allow the robot vacuum to detect those very dirty areas and enable it to perform a spot cleaning so, at the end of the cleaning process, the floor will look perfectly clean even in the dirtiest areas.

A smart navigation technology

You wouldn’t want your robot vacuum to wander around the room, so it’s important that you look for one with a smart navigation technology that will help it quickly scan the room and create a cleaning route. This will maximize the efficiency of the robot vacuum and will avoid unnecessary routes that will consume the battery.

A programmable timer

Look for this feature if you want to get the best of your robot vacuum because it will enable you to set the unit to start at a certain time and on a certain day. This way, you will no longer have to worry about being home to start the robot vacuum or to turn it off as it will automatically start the cleaning routine at the precise time and it will turn off when the cleaning is completed.

Virtual walls

Since the robot vacuum basically cleans by itself without needing your assistance, it’s important to keep it pout of rooms where you don’t need floor cleaning. In this case, the vacuum must include a virtual wall that will forbid it to enter a certain room that doesn’t require cleaning. The virtual wall is placed near the entrance to the room and the robot vacuum will know that it’s not supposed to pass over it.

Once you decide what features you want your robot vacuum cleaner to have, you should proceed to reading some reviews. On robotvacuum.best you can find reviews of the greatest robot vacuum cleaners. The reviews will help you understand the efficiency of each cleaner, so that you can choose the best one.