15 March

FFC Systems makes sure to respect the environment while completing order fulfilment services

FFC Systems are famous in their industry because they are always focused on personalising their services according to their clients’ preferences. They collaborate with clients worldwide, and this means that their clients have different needs. Because their clients have to send packages containing various products, it means that the parcels have to be shipped in different conditions. FFC Systems is not an average order fulfilment services provider, they guarantee their clients that they will transport the products in safety conditions. But, collaborating with clients with various needs is not easy, because they have to customise their services every time they have to transport a package. They created a process that meets all their clients’ requirements. This process helps them maintaining their clients’ satisfied and preventing inventory issues. In order to deliver the packages in safety conditions they store them in temperature-controlled units, and they have created a special hazardous material handling control, for the times when they have to transport goods with unique needs.

FFC Systems also have a system that checks the expiration date of parcels, because they want to make sure that they get the products in time to the clients. In case the client has special requirements, this order fulfilment company will make sure to personalise their services according to the requests they receive. Also, because in many cases the products delivered, also need to be assembled, this company decided to offer assembly services. The specialists from FFC Systems guarantee that they will take the products from the package and will assemble them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If people are interested to find out more details about this service, they should check the website Unisendo.com, because they can find information that could help them.

This company focuses on two aspects when they create their services they want to offer high quality services to their clients, and they want to protect the environment. They are aware that when working in the order fulfilment industry they cannot avoid generating waste. But, because they are aware of the harm they do to the environment, they make efforts to reduce it and to recycle, and reuse when it is possible. They consider themselves an eco-friendly company, and they do their best to reduce their carbon footprint. They offer their clients information on how they work to protect the environment and to reduce their carbon footprint.

When they have to buy new equipment and tools, they check the market to make sure that they invest only in energy efficient ones. They do not check only the description of the product, they also check the type of supplies the equipment requires, for functioning, and how the operations will influence the environment. In addition, FFC Systems takes part in various recycling programs, because they want to make sure that their waste does not get to landfills. They count on paperless products, and they encourage their clients to do the same, by ordering their services online. They prefer electronic communication channels and they are constantly evaluating their processes to make sure they maximise reuse and they recycle when possible.