6 January

Fight off your spring flu and cold

As beautiful as the spring season may be, with all the blooming trees and flowers at every step, there is still one aspect that makes you hate this period of the year – flus and colds. The weather is changing rapidly, so you do not know exactly what to wear the moment you go outside, which eventually leads to catching flu. Read some reliable algaecal reviews to help you decide on the right calcium supplements to buy and keep in mind the useful tips presented below in this article if you want to fight off the spring flu.

 Vitamins and calcium supplements are your best friends

During this period, doctors recommend that you complete the dosage of vitamins and calcium your body needs with supplements. However, it is mandatory that you do not resort to self-medication, but pay the doctor a visit first in order to get some professional advice and to see whether or not it is necessary for you to take these supplements after all. What is more, in order to avoid having any side effects such as constipation or kidney stones from exceeding the recommended calcium dosage, it is best that you stick to what your doctor prescribed you and that you carefully read the prescription label.

Watch the weather forecast and dress accordingly

As it was already mentioned, the weather is pretty changeable during spring and it can get you confused a bit. This is the reason why you should not skip watching the daily weather forecast on TV or even check it on the Internet. This way, you will know exactly how the weather will be the following day and you will put on proper clothes.

Eat foods that boost your immune system

Believe it or not, food can be a great ally in your fight against catching flus and colds, since it gives your immune system a boost. Seeds and nuts for instance are a great example since they provide the necessary amount of antioxidant and they can help a lot in easing congestion and coughing. Garlic should also be your best friend during this season, because the antimicrobial ingredient allicin it contains is the best tool to fight against bad bacteria. Last but not least, milk is another good ally of yours, because besides the fact that it increases the strength of your bones and fights depression, it also fights against colds due to the Vitamin D it contains.