1 June

First time users of electronic cigarettes – what should you know?

If you have decided to think more about your health and quit smoking normal cigarettes, then you have probably considered buying an electric cigarette to help you give up on this unhealthy habit. Besides actually purchasing an e cigarette, there are other things you should know as well. From buying the right e liquid, such as bad drip, to learning more about battery life, make sure you are well informed on how to use the e cig properly. Here are a few important things you should know about the electronic cigarette usage:


Because the amount of vapor emitted depends primarily on the power of the battery incorporated, you should always leave the battery to charge completely before using the cigarette. To benefit from a decent amount of vapor, charge the battery for at least a couple of hours. After you have purchased your first e cig starter kit, do not rush into using the cigarette right away, even if it may have some charge, but leave it to charge completely for a proper vaping experience.

E liquid

As you are probably already aware, the eliquid you use is extremely important. You should try out different flavors until you decide which one you like best. Start out with smaller bottles, until you find an e liquid on you taste, to avoid wasting money on flavors you do not like. Also, think about the nicotine strength that would be suitable for you. Start out low, using only a small amount of nicotine, and later you can move up if you feel like it is no longer sufficient. If you have been smoking traditional cigarettes for a long time, then you can choose a higher level of nicotine strength, but if you are not a daily smoker, start small to avoid nausea or dizziness.


If you know you will be smoking on a regular basis, you should always be prepared. Depending on the e cigarette you have bought, the battery might not last for as long as you would require, and this is why you should buy an extra battery just in case. If your main and only battery is charging, and you do not desire to be smoke-free during that period of time, then an extra battery will come in handy. You can also buy a car charger, if you know you are on the go most of the time. Coil heads are another accessory that you might face the need of replacing, but make sure you also read the manufacturer’s guidelines in regards to accessories. Of course, you should first see if you enjoy the electronic cig, before actually buying extras.

As you can see, there are a few things that you should know, before switching to an E cigarette. Because the e liquid you use plays the most important role in the overall smoking experience, you should choose your supplier wisely. Look online for options and see which e liquid provider seems the best choice for you. Make your purchase from an online store that puts at your disposal an extensive selection of flavors and nicotine strengths.