14 October

Flat Iron Shopping Guide

Buying a good-quality flat iron shouldn’t pose you any problems. Keep in mind that there are three main elements to consider when buying an iron: 1) its size: to be chosen depending on its future use, 2) its composition: specifically, that of the coated surface heating and 3) its power that needs to be depending on your type of hair. If you decided that it’s time to invest in a good flat iron, make sure to read our guide for more shopping tips.

Dimension and appearance

Flat irons vary in size so the choice will be made depending on the length of your hair. Narrower plates (1 inch) are suitable for short hair, and wider plates (1 inch and a half) are more appropriate for long hair. However, the width of his plate should not exceed 1.5 inches, so that the flat iron will be lighter (and therefore more malleable) and more suitable for all hair lengths and thicknesses. You can also opt for a flat iron with rounded edges that allows you to create waves, curls and “flips”.


The metal is an excellent conductor of heat, so it tends to damage the hair. Instead, opt for a flat iron that is made out of ceramic or tourmaline, two materials which, in addition to distributing heat consistently and uniformly throughout the capillary surface, make the hair shine. They are enriched with negative ions and have the effect of a magnet on the hair (the hair itself being positively charged). Nano-Titanium is one of the best technologies for unmanageable, hard to style, frizzy hair. The main advantage of having a nano-titanium flat iron is that it can straighten your hair up to 40% faster, allowing you to save time. In order to learn more about the special features of the best ceramic and titanium flat irons, we urge you to check out the best flat irons and find a lot of great tips for buying a quality flat iron that won’t damage your hair.

Power and heat settings

Hair needs are different depending on whether it is long or short, thick or thin. As our tastes in hairstyles and cuts follow trends and fluctuate over the years – even months – it is better from the start to prepare for any possible outcome. Women with fine hair should opt for a flat iron that heats up at 400 ° F (200 ° C). If you have dense hair, you can choose a flat iron that heats up to 450 ° F (232 ° C). As we all have different types of hair, it’s recommended to opt for a flat iron that allows you to set the heating temperatures. Moreover, make sure that your flat iron has a turn-off feature, meaning that the flat iron will shut down after 30 min or an hour period of not using it.