9 October

Fool proof ways to attract more people to your exhibition stand


Business exhibitions, regardless of the industry are a great way of making your company known at a bigger scale and gain some new clients and collaboration prospects. However, in order to make your stand pop up at such events, you need a new approach, a strategy that will bring you more clients than usually. While there is no recipe for success, depending on the type of audience and industry in which you activate, below are some smart pieces of advice you could include.

1. Pop up from the crowd

There are not so many ways in which a business could pop up from the crown of exhibitors at such events, but a cotton candy stand surely is one of the greatest ways to do it. You can simply hire a similar stand from professional establishments specialised in such things and you will certainly differentiate yourself from all the others enterprises at the exhibition. This is the “wow” factor that all enterprises need in order to attract more visitors. Passers-by are unlikely to be impressed by a simple, plain stand. But by attracting those with something unexpected and delicious like cotton candy, you are more likely to become interested in your products and services. Some vendors that specialise in giveaways for events also deliver popcorn stands, toffee and chocolate apples, and so many other substitutes for the cotton candy stand. Consider this as an option if you take part in a busy exhibition.

2. Pay attention to the colours

In most exhibitions, people turn their attention towards plain looking stands, thinking that these look more professional. Simply put, they will only succeed to blend in the multitude of stands. If you want to have more visitors and passers-by, opt for a colourful stand, a stand to represent more your company and ideas, the creativity of your employees and the singular approach that you have on the products or services present in your portfolio. Also, try to integrate some representative posters for your company as well.

3. Tell people exactly what your company does

A brief, concise introduction will certainly help you attract more people. Usually, companies loose themselves on details, details that for many visitors are not that relevant. Keep it short, and keep it interesting. This is how you will succeed to increase your chances to succeed at such events.

4. Stick to a strict budget

Trade shows are not for getting wild with the money. If you have a restricted budget, think well on what you should spend that money. Select only some of the most important elements that should be included and eliminate others. You don’t have to have them all, only the important ones.

These are four incredible pieces of advice you should take into account next time when taking part in a trade show. Make sure to attract more people by following these, and don’t be afraid of a unique approach.