21 July

Get the best ribbons for original hairstyles

As a woman, you probably understand the permanent need of diversity as far as your appearance is concerned, which is from time to time you enjoy a change of look. Besides the clothes, the hair is maybe the thing you can change about yourself the most frequently, so take advantage of this and experiment different haircuts, styles and colours as often as you can. Sometimes, in the attempt of making your hair look nice, all you manage to do is damage it with day to day products and accessories – fortunately, here is the alternative to traditional hair accessories, which will leave your hair smooth and healthy: ribbon. In case you do not have this fabric around the house, you can purchase it form a haberdashery or from on online store, because it is extremely versatile and will allow you to obtain the most original hairstyles. Here are some of the most popular styles you can obtain, only by using ribbons and some pins:

A romantic, feminine braid

The halo braid is something that will look good regardless the occasion – it is suitable both for a day look and for a night attire. Add to this a nice, delicate ribbon, and the result will be amazingly elegant. Even if it already is beautiful enough, adding this accessory will make it look even better, transforming it into the focal element of your outfit. You will, however, need some skills in order to master braiding the hair, but this is something you can easily achieve with some practice.


The classic headband

The headband has been a symbol of femininity and elegance for ages, which is why you should try it from time to time. all you have to do is let your hair loose and tie a narrow piece of fabric (be it ribbon or a simple scarf) around the forehead, and it is done! This is not only a super cute and chic style, but it is also very practical, being the perfect choice for warm summer days – it holds the hair in one place, without forging the roots or damaging it.


The bun or pony tail bow

This ballerina style will definitely look romantic and girly, especially if you combine it with ruffled blouses or polka dots dresses. It represents an easy way to accessorize your hair without needing additional skills, as it is the case of the braid. Whether you only tie half your hair or all of it, the ribbon will add a touch of elegance to this simple, effortless hairstyle.