27 August

5 Gifts Ideas for a Tea Lover – Practical and Quirky

Looking for a present might not be the easiest task to do, but we’re here to help you out with some unique ideas. We have specially created a top 5 list of presents with exclusive products you can offer to all the tea lovers in your life. Because drinking tea is art, a real tea lover should own all the necessary stuff to take their passion to the highest level. For that reason, if you find it difficult to choose the perfect gift, just take a closer look at the following lines and consider the products we’ve specially picked for you.

  1. Tea Kettle – Let’s face it! What can go wrong with a classic tea kettle? Even though they might own one, another model wouldn’t be a problem at all. Don’t forget they are tea lovers, so they will surely enjoy adding another kettle to their collection. You can go for a colorful one, made of ceramic, with authentic, traditional paintings. Similar in quality and durability is the stainless steel kettle that doesn’t rust even after years of daily use. If you’re not a tea fanatic yourself, you might not know that the cast iron kettle significantly improves the taste of the water you boil in it, so tea prepared in it inevitably tastes better and is healthier as well. Your tea lover friend surely knows this fact and will appreciate your gift even more as you put extra thought into it. Nevertheless, you can choose an electric kettle, as well, which will help boil water faster and diminish the waiting time.
  2. Funny Tea Infuser – A tea infuser is surely a must-have if your friends are keen on tea. Even though it might seem a classic present, we can assure it won’t. This is because you can reliably go for a unique, funny tea infuser, choosing from a various range of products like animal-shaped infusers. They can be easily attached to the cup, letting the tea infuse slowly into the water, keeping the tea leaves inside. On the market, there are lots of options, so you can choose from various animals, such as sloths, llamas, bears, cats, and other more.
  3. Tea Timer – This present will put a smile on your loved ones’ faces, as it helps eliminate all the guesswork from tea soaking. Usually, tea timers are elegant and good-looking, so you certainly won’t go wrong if purchasing one. They are usually similar to hour-glasses, so they look amazing on the table together with the cup of tea.
  4. “Bring me a cup of tea” Socks – One-of-a-kind, your friends will be happy when unpacking this present. Authentic and unique, they bring a smile to everyone who wears them and reads the message. The personalized socks are printed with the “If you can read this, please bring me a cup of tea” text. They are a great choice for both men and women and don’t forget that they keep your loved ones warm all winter long.
  5. The Tea Towel – It’s not just a towel, but a “tea towel”. What does this mean? We’re speaking of an informative towel, with plenty of tips and details related to tea. There you can find information linked to the types of tea, their history, the health benefits they bring, and how they can be properly prepared. It has vivid, colorful graphics, it’s made of high-quality cotton, and it’s for sure a great accessory any tea fan will fall in love with it.


Taking all these into consideration, finding a present for your tea-fan friends will be a breeze. With all the options above, you won’t have to worry about failure, as you’ll certainly put a smile on their faces. Each of the products above is both unique and practical at the same time, thus you can trustfully choose one, or even mix them. For instance, you can go for the kettle and infuser, or make a set with the funny socks and informative tea towel. It all depends on your desires and imagination, and how the perfect present looks like in your vision.