28 June

Great gift ideas for 5-a-side football players

It is good that your child is a 5-a-side football player. Football helps them stay healthy and fit. But what do you do when that period of the year comes and you have no idea what gifts to offer them, whether it is for Christmas or their birthdays. You probably got tired of those classical gifts such as clothes, or various gadgets that they will use only once. If your child is enrolled in one of those popular 5 aside football leagues London and is truly in love with this sport, try offering them this year a gift to remember. Here are some great ideas you can opt for.

Fitness trackers

Most five-a-side footballers start their day with some jogging and end it with some stretching exercises before going to bed. If this sounds familiar to you, then looking for fitness gadgets is the best idea to resort to when it comes to offering them the perfect gift. One such gadget to offer is the fitness tracker, which helps the player track their levels of exertion by measuring their heart rate. There are numerous famous brands on the market that provide such equipment, so all you have to do in this case is some research on the internet.

Five-a-side boots

Another great gift idea for your football player is a pair of boots. No matter how talented you are at a specific sport, if you do not have the right equipment, it is quite difficult to make performance. A pair of boots designed specifically for the artificial turf encountered on five-a-side football fields are the perfect gift this year. These boots have geometric sole and extra grip, which allows the player to give his or her best during every match.

Goalkeeping kneepads for the goalkeeper

The goalkeeper has among the most important roles in every football team, so having the right clothes and accessories is mandatory. One great present idea is to offer them a pair of high quality goalkeeping kneepads. It is worth mentioning that the artificial pitch can become quite sore after some time and these kneepads can prevent the goalkeeper from being injured. What is more, you should know that these kneepads have the role of providing the goalkeeper some extra confidence when falling during the match.


Books are another gift idea that footballers would appreciate. There are numerous books on the market that offer useful information and advice to five-a-side football players and teach them various strategies. Offering them The Five-a-Side Bible written by Chris Bruce will definitely please any footballer in love with learning new tactics or reading some amazing stories from the most famous five-a-side players in the world.

Computer games

Computer simulation games are definitely a great gift to offer to any player. You can find a wide variety of football simulation games on the market, so you do not have to worry about not finding the right game.

Overall, these are some great gift ideas you should take into account to offer your children in love with this sports.