18 February

Guide to Buying a Home Stair Lift

Mobility problems pose real constraints in terms of accessibility. Thus a simple staircase can quickly turn into an obstacle. Moving out or renovating the house are decisions to consider. Today there are other ways to make life easier for the elderly so they can find easy access to the floors and gain their autonomy back. These are the primary goals of a stair lift, a device which allows you to overcome some difficulties of mobility. Developed so that each person can use it to easily go up and down the stairs, this device is also reliable and secure. If you are planning to buy an efficient stair lift, here’s a guide to buying the best stair lift for your home.

Things to consider before making the choice

Before installing a stair lift in your home it is necessary to select the most suitable type of machine for your needs. A technical adviser can go to your home to determine the most appropriate model. At the time of purchase, you should focus on safety, reliability and quality of your stair lift. You should also remember that the price of a stair lift depends on the type of system options, the range and the work necessary for its development. Moreover, since technical advisers only work with certain brands, you should inform yourself of the best stair lifts, by reading some stair lift reviews on beststairlift.reviews.
After this selection step is carried out, it is preferable that the installation of the lift chair is carried out by qualified technicians.

Straight stair lift

This model fits the majority of stairs and is characterized by its simplicity of operation and installation. Generally it is used through control panels located both at the top and bottom of the staircase. In the seat there’s also included a box to manage the speed, rotation and tilt of the lift chair.This type of stair lift is particularly suitable for straight staircases. You can also opt for a multitude of options to improve your safety or your comfort, such as the installation of a safety belt or a circuit breaker system.

Curved stair lift

This device is used in the case of more complex staircases, including spiral or curved stairs. However, it is also possible to install this type of model on a straight staircase when it comes to linking to several floors. The curved stair lift is similar to the straight stair lift. The difference is at its installation, which is longer depending on the complexity of a staircase.
Consequently, the costs are higher, depending on the size and configuration of your staircase. Finally, since this type of electric stair lift incorporates a more complex system than the conventional model, some comfort and safety options are usually already provided by the manufacturer.