29 March

Horse race betting – A beginner’s guide

Racehorses have been popular for centuries and they remain popular because of several reasons, but mainly because of the well-rooted tradition, especially in Anglophone territories. However, in the 17th century horseracing took the form of what we now know. The sport of kings was born after King James the First organised a fancy horse race. And this is how horse race betting was born as well. Luckily, we now have access to the Internet and horse racing forums help us greatly to increase our levels of experience in this particular area of this sport. However, below we have a couple of tips for beginners in terms of horse race betting.

Betting is the excitement factor in horse races

If you cannot participate in horse races actively, then you must enjoy the most the betting part of this sport. The excitement, the mix of feeling one experiences while doing so certainly the joy of horse races, or at least an important part of it. Especially for beginners, these emotions will be experienced in an extreme form, because they are not used with them. The anticipation is a killer.

How to pick a winning horse

Picking a winner is easier to be said, than done. However, there is a chance to make the bookie’s life harder and yours easier with the perfect blend of the horse’s form, health, past conditions, the jokey, weather conditions the trainer, the ground’s conditions. Or better said, to guess which one of the horses will handle better these coordinates. Also, if you don’t fancy to do a throughout research on these coordinates, make sure you pick a website able to offer plenty of tips for beginners.

Horse betting cheat sheet

Before betting on a horse, you must first decide what type of bet you want to place. There are several bet types, starting with Show, case in which you have the highest chances of winning, and continuing with Trifecta or Pick 6, which are the hardest betting types, in which there are few chances of winning. Depending on each bet’s difficulty level, there will be higher or lower bonuses, therefore make sure you take into consideration this aspect as well.

Make sure you find the most betting tips on valuable websites and starting from there, develop your own betting strategy. Remember that many found them more than efficient.