28 September

House contractors – separating the wheat from the chaff

Every time people need something done to their house, some repair or improvement, the biggest hassle is not the mess and the time involved in the project, but finding the right contractor to do the job. Since this type of projects is mainly based on labour, it’s very hard to argue with the suppliers about the value of the work being done and the time frames in which it should to be done. Therefore, many contractors are simply trying to rip you off with every quote they send, not to mention the ones that do a poor job in order to finish quickly and move on to their next project. To that extend, whether you’re looking for a great interior masonry company, such as integritymasonry.ca, or simply a team of fireplace repairers, here are some tips to separating the wheat from the chaff.

Meet face to face


You know how most of those websites where you can post ads to sell things or you can buy things from always warn you to meet with the buyer/seller face to face to avoid fraud and scams? Well, the same advice applies here too. Never contract a company without ever meeting them, either by you going to their offices or them coming to survey the site. In fact, no self-respecting contractor should provide you with an accurate quote without seeing your house first. Of course, if the project involves only a small work like upgrading the fireplace surroundings with a frame wall, they might be able to give you an estimate, but it’s still better to meet face to face.

Ask questions


Ask as many questions as you can come up with. Start with enquiring about their experience, asking to see previous works and projects, ask about certifications and qualifications, about insurance for the work being carried and so on. The more you know about their operational process, the better picture you’ll get on the professionalism and experience of the company. Not only that, but if they’re willing to give you the time of day and answer patiently to all of your questions, this means they value you as a potential customer and have a healthy approach to customer service, which matters a lot in this line of business.

Request guarantees


Contractors who are not just professionals, but also good at what they do, will take pride in their work and won’t think twice before offering some sort of guarantee for their work. A time frame guarantee is one type of reassurance and should be stipulated in your contract. This will protect you against the project going on way longer than first discussed and thus attracting more costs. A call back guarantee is another type, which means they provide you with a free visit, assessment and ultimately repair in case something goes wrong with whatever work they’ve done in the immediate future after the completion of the project and it turns out it’s related to their work process.