18 November

How can you include metal in your garden?

Few people know that metal can be a gardener’s best friend and in many cases, it can actually save the day. Since it is both strong and waterproof, it can be used in numerous situations, not only in helping plants grow vertically and beautifully, but also in giving the garden a unique aspect. In the past years, numerous online stores provided people with high quality metal, so if you want to buy sheet metal from one of these stores, the first thing you have to make sure it is a professional and reliable one. Here are some very good examples of situations in which you can use metal in your garden.

Trellises and training

Many people agree to the fact that mesh sheet metal is a better alternative to wooden trellises that come diamond-shaped, although the latter ones may be more rustic and aesthetic. However, you should know that the mesh sheet metal is not only affordable, but it also looks great and it provides support for climbing plants to cling to the structure as they grow, which makes it the perfect choice for those who want vertical gardens.

Support for heavier plants

Another way in which you can use sheet metal in the garden is to protect those plants that are heavier and bigger such as vines and wisteria. Besides the fact that it offers them the necessary support, it is also a great way to decorate the garden and to bring that unique touch to it. You have probably seen at least once those sculptural structures made from sheet metal that look like African baobab trees.

Metal containers – the perfect planters

In most cases, people use wooden or plastic containers when it comes to plants they want to place on the patio for instance. However, these planters can require high maintenance and you may not have the necessary time to take care of them every once in a while. The best solution in this case is to switch to metal containers, since not only they last longer, but they also look great against greenery. If you want, you can add a little bit of colour in order to make the patio or the urban rooftop look more pleasant and welcoming.

Metal garden furniture

When it comes to garden furniture, many people choose wooden benches for instance, because they want to create a rustic effect, or they go for plastic furniture since it is more resistant against bad weather. However, something that is even more resistant than plastic is metal furniture, since it also offers your garden a unique style.

Metal art

Last but not least, one very interesting way in which you can include metal in your garden is through metal art. Spend some time on the internet, find your inspiration and engage in some DIY projects in order to design the pieces of metal art that would go best with the design of your garden. It is for sure that not only your family, but also your friends and neighbours will appreciate the way your garden looks like.