24 June

How does the wardrobe of a traveller look like?

Whenever they go to a wedding or cocktail party for instance, women choose to wear a dress and a pair of high heels, whereas men opt for suit and tie. For running, the best outfit contains a pair of running shoes and some comfortable clothes. But how should the wardrobe of a traveller look like? If you have established the location for your next trip, the next step is to choose proper clothes and footwear. Think about the location of your trip and whether that pair of Jordan Craig jeans or those Puma sneakers are suitable to take or not. Here are some useful tips you should take into account.

Selecting your footwear

As it was previously mentioned, you have to think at the location of your next trip in order to determine what type of shoes best fit the environment. In case you are planning to go away from the beaten track and go walking sideways, it is highly recommended to take your hiking shoes with you. If you want to purchase a pair specifically for this trip, make sure they are neither too loose, nor too tight and that your feet feel comfortable in them. It is advisable to look for hiking shoes that are waterproof and that have good ankle support. However, in case you are not an adventurous type of person, a pair of sandals would probably be the best choice.

Proper clothes for the country’s climate

After you have established what pair of shoes you are going to take on this trip, it is time to choose the clothes. A pair of trousers should not miss from your luggage. You have to make sure they are comfortable enough and light. You should go for some trousers that are made out of fabric that breathes and that dries quickly in the sun, in case you need to wash them and wear them after short time. You should also pay attention to those secret pockets, since they will come in quite useful. No matter where you have planned your next trip, it is mandatory to take one dress with you. Every girl needs to wear a dress sometimes, and if your vacation is in a big city, you should not waste any more time thinking whether to take your favourite dress with you or not. You have to keep in mind though the climate of the country where you are going. The examples mentioned above are for countries with warm climate, but in case of those with cold weather, things slightly change. The ultimate secret is of warm clothing is layering. Wear three layers of clothes: the first one – lightweight, the second – doubles as insulation (clothes with high collar for instance), the third – longer and waterproof (such as a thick jacket).

As you can see, these are some simple yet important rules that any traveller should pay attention to when preparing for his or her trip. If you plan to buy these clothing pieces and footwear right before going on the trip, make sure you select a reputable store.