6 March

How not to regret your first leather handbag


In the age of fast fashion shops, women are less tempted to splurge on an expensive designer bag. As much as they wanted it, they can’t bring themselves to spending a lot on a genuine leather bag when there are so many cheap imitations that look just the same. However, there comes a time in every woman’s life when she realizes that quality does matter and that a good, sturdy leather bag is better than five cheap ones. To make the most out of your purchase and wear your bag for years to come, follow these tips:

The bag must match your lifestyle

One of the biggest mistake that women make when buying their first leather bag is that they choose a model for special occasions and only wear it a couple of times a year. But do you really want to spend so much for an item that you can’t enjoy? In order not to regret your purchase, buy a bag that matches your lifestyle. If you’re at the office all the time and want a bag that you can fit everything in, including your laptop, then look at ladies leather briefcases. If you just want a medium sized bag to fit your phone, keys, wallet and your makeup bag, then a messenger bag will do.

Do your research

Not few are the cases when women buy an expensive leather bag only to discover that it’s not what they wanted. This happens especially when you’re shopping online and can’t see and touch the product yourself. To avoid disappointment and the hassle of online returns, do your research. Read the product description carefully (pay attention to the bag dimensions and materials) and read reviews from people who already have the bag. With so many “what’s in my bag” videos on YouTube, that shouldn’t be a problem. This way, you’ll see exactly how much a bag can fit and how well it wears.

Discounts are always great

Who doesn’t love a good discount? If you’re still reluctant to paying full price for a leather handbag or briefcase, then add it on your watch list and wait for it to go on sale. Pick a timeless item and when the seasons change and sales come in, you’ll be able to save up to 70%. Don’t worry about it being from a previous collection. A good bag shouldn’t be trendy, it should be functional and match your outfits all year round.