17 January

How to Choose a Good Mobility Scooter

For people with mobility impairments who can hardly walk and want a mobility aid that will easily transport them, the mobility scooter is a practical help that can ease their movement. But with all the models available, you must know which one is the best by looking at its features and discovering which will suit you best. Find out bellow how to choose a good mobility scooter for your needs.

Look for model that is easy for you to drive

When you look for a mobility scooter, you must first analyze your needs and your abilities to drive a mobility scooter. If you have no problems in getting upright and handling the controls and the steering wheel, then you can drive any type of scooter without problems. If you have difficulties in maintaining a straight body posture or you can not control your legs and hands, then you will need a model with special positioning pads, armrests and joysticks that can be handled with one hand.

Consider your weight and height when you choose a mobility scooter

Your height and weight are important aspects to take into account when you choose your mobility scooter because both your comfort and your safety depend on them. The unit should fit you perfectly, the seat should adjust to your body shape and it should hold your weight without problems. If a model is close to your weight capacity, choose a model from the next weight range, considering that you may gain some weight once you stop walking on your own.

Choose a model that will suit the terrain in your living area

When you choose your mobility scooter, think about the are where you will be using it and the type of terrain you will ride it on. If you want it for indoor use or to run errands, go shopping or walking through the neighborhood, go for 3-wheels scooters that are compact, easy to maneuver and can take narrow turns. If you want a stronger and heavier model, the 4-wheels mobility scooter is great for uneven terrain, hills, and rough pavements because it is very stable and can carry a bigger weight.

Look for safety features

As with any mobility aid, when it comes to choosing a good mobility scooter you must think about the safety it provides for you. A model with rear wheel drive is more stable and durable, additional brakes guarantee smoother stops and wider pneumatic tires offer better traction and increase the stability on all types of terrains. A comfortable seat with seat belts and arm and head rests is another aspect that will increase both the safety and the comfort of your mobility scooter.

Look for convenience features

A lightweight mobility scooter can be very handy as it can easily be transported and stored. A folding mobility scooter is ideal since it can occupy very little space when not in use. Keep in mind that mobility scooters are mostly used outdoors. Unlike wheelchairs, they are not used on a daily basis. As such, it pays to invest in a folding mobility scooter that can easily be stored when it is not being used. Aside from folding units, you can also choose a scooter which can dissembled into several lightweights parts.