19 October

How to choose the perfect rental car for your vacation

Rental cars are an excellent option for family vacations, not only because they oftentimes cost less than trains, but also because they are more practical and give you more freedom. Whether you want to stretch for a bit, stop by for lunch or just take some scenic shots, you can pull over any time and travel at your own pace. However, in order to enjoy the trip, you’ll need to take some time and pick the right car to rent. It goes without saying that it needs to be a safe, flexible and reliable vehicle, because no one wants to remain stranded in the middle of nowhere, but that shouldn’t be your only criterion. For a perfect experience, you’ll also have to consider a few other factors.

Finding the right size

It’s one thing to go on a road trip with your girlfriend and another one to take all your four children to Disneyland. Choose a car that has just the right seating capacity for your family, especially if you travel with small children. Everyone should have their own seat, and not share the same crammed space for hours, because that’s never comfortable. At the same time, if there are only two or three of you in the car, you shouldn’t waste money on a big family vehicle, because that’s unnecessary.

Do you have enough room for luggage?

Whether you’re the one who just takes a few essential in a small travel bag or the one who packs all sorts of items just in case, one thing is for sure: your trunk should be big enough to fit everything, plus any souvenirs you might want to buy. If you usually travel with a lot of luggage, you should look for Range Rover hire, because this way you know for sure you’ll be able to store everything.

Weather and terrain challenges

If the road between your home and your vacation destination is smooth and straight, then you won’t need anything special in terms of vehicle performance. However, if you’ll be going off road, then you need to rent a car that can withstand rough terrain. Range Rover is again an excellent idea, because it offers amazing performance even in difficult driving conditions. Don’t forget to check the weather either. If you’re going somewhere rainy or windy, a convertible is not the best idea for a means of transport.

Extra features for more comfort

Last, but not least, you should consider any feature that could make your ride more practical and comfortable. For example, you might be looking for a car that has air conditioning or maybe GPS, so you don’t get lost. However, keep in mind that rental cars don’t always come with these features included in the price, so ask in advance how much they cost. Make sure you work with a reliable and transparent rental company, because discovering hidden charges is never an exciting prospect.