27 July

How to choose the right dress according to your body type

Whether you want to enrich your wardrobe with office dresses, or you are attending a special event and you need to find something to wear, remember that you have to choose something that is flattering for your body type. A lot of women make the mistake of buying a dress because they love the color or model, neglecting whether it fits them or not. Designers claim that when they think about their silhouette, women have the tendency of looking for something that hides their disadvantages. This, however, is a huge mistake, they say, as the focus should be on positive aspects. So, from now on when going shopping, instead of searching for a piece of clothing that hides your wide hips, try to look for something that highlights your tiny waist. Things no longer look so difficult, right? Of course, no one has the perfect body, which is why when buying a dress, you need to make sure you keep in mind your body’s strengths and its most beautiful features. Forget about your flaws, start searching for Vivetta sales and keep a positive attitude. Except for the hour-glass shape, here are our suggestions for the most popular body types:

Pear shaped body

Those who have this kind of body find it difficult to buy dresses as their size varies from the top to the bottom. These women who are generally struggling because they have full hips and thighs, but thin waist, but good news: it is probably one of the most flattering type of body. This is the pear shape and experts recommend those who have it not to wear skirts or dresses shorter than an inch or two above the knee. The A line seems to be the right option in this situation, as it stresses on the waist and covers the thighs with its voluminous cut. Keep it simple with a solid color, preferably a dark one.

Apple shaped

This shaped is normally associated with women with a great bust and full waist. For this reason, the key to success is finding a dress that elongates the appearance of the upper part of the body, while also drawing attention away from the waist. To this end, an ample V neck line is the perfect alternative. Try to avoid bulky belts and go for one piece garments, in neat solid colors, such as cream, for instance. In addition to this, you could also try to emphasize the shoulders, in order to create balance and symmetry with the hips.

Slim body / rectangular shape

If you consider yourself skinny and your breasts are quite small, then you are probably belonging to this category. Of course, voluminous women can also fit here, so the rules apply to both categories. To begin with, you need to create the illusion of a thin waist, then add volume on the top and bottom of your attire. Pick a dress with a lot of ruffles and even fringes – because these will add some dimension to your silhouette.