10 June

How to Dry Your Clothes Faster in the Dryer

When it comes to drying your clothes, nothing can beat the rapidity and the efficiency of the dryer that can obtain perfectly dried clothes in less time than leaving them hanging on a wire. If you don’t own a dryer and you are interested in buying one, we advice you to read the dryer reviews of Horace Rudd, in order to find the dryer best suited for your needs. If you already have a dryer, you should know that you can minimize the drying time even more if you take some advice on how to reduce the drying time and, implicitly, the energy consumption. To get the best results from your dryer, we teach you some tricks on how to dry your clothes faster in the dryer.

Increase the tumbling speed or time

A high-spin washing cycle will eliminate as much water as possible from your clothes, so they will dry faster in the dryer. Most washing machines have multiple tumble speeds and the highest one can limit the amount of moisture in the clothes. If the fabrics are solid enough, you can add a cycle of tumbling once the washing is over in order to reduce the drying time to the minimum.

Wring your clothes by hand

If you are not using a washing machine for any reason, try wringing the clothes before you put them in the dryer, so you will get rid of the excess moisture in them. Hold the garment with both hands and twist it as hard as you can so the water will come out and the garment will remain less wet. This way, the time spent in the dryer will be shortened by at least 10 minutes.

Use a dry towel to absorb moisture

If you want to dry thick garments like jeans, sweaters, or bed covers, you can use the towel trick, which will help you reduce the drying time. This trick consists of adding a dry towel or more into your dryer with the wet clothes. The dry towels will absorb the excess moisture in the wet clothes so they will need less time in the dryer. You can also wrap the clothes in a towel and twist them for a few minutes so the towel will absorb some moisture from the clothes.

Sort the clothes that require urgent drying

You will be unlikely to need all your clothes dried at the same time, so it’s best that you sort the clothes that you must dry right away from those that can be dried later. Put the urgent items in the dryer and select the Auto High Heat cycle for 15 minutes, which should be enough to dry a few clothes. The rest of the clothes can go in the dryer for longer at a future time.