9 March

How to Find the Best Travel Deals Online

If you are the type of person who enjoys traveling from time to time to free his mind and become more relaxed, you probably already know that planning a holiday is not the most exciting thing to do and not at all relaxing, not to mention most of the times you have to pay huge amounts of money. However, know that you can still take advantage of the internet and media in order to find great deals. Discover our 4 tips on how to get the best travel deals.

Research on lesser-known travel websites

Even though well renowned websites provide tons of information regarding what hotels are the least expensive or what are the best places to visit, lesser known travel sites allow you to score better deals. TripAdvisor.com, GetaRoom.com, HotelTonight.com or RoadScholar.org are just some of the most trusted hotel booking and travel/destinations sites. Moreover, consider what attractions you plan on visiting. In each destination there are a ton of free attractions that not everybody knows about. If you are traveling on your budget, plan your trip around these free attractions. For this purpose, you should check out the www.placestovisit.tips website which breaks down each travel destination in landmarks, free places to visit, cultural attractions, places to visit with children and much more.

Take advantage of last-minute travel deals

There are so many busy people that don’t have even time to thoroughly research and book a trip or many who decide to wait until the last minute to plan a trip. Most of the time the last-minute method offers no results, but in some cases it can offer great deals consisting in a cheaper flight or an affordable hotel room. Although waiting until the last minute to get a deal is extremely risky it can also pay off, like finding a $600 round-trip fare to Brazil. Lastminutetravel.com is one of the most popular websites that offers last minute deals.

The best time to book flights and hotel rooms

If you plan to travel by plane, note that there are a couple of ways to get a cheaper flight ticket. Consider traveling by plane on Wednesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays because during these days plane tickets are less expensive. It is also advisable to buy airplane tickets between midnight and 1 am or after 3 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays because you will have a bigger chance of getting better discounts. When it comes to booking a hotel, note that you can find good deal most often on Sundays or in the middle of the weak, as in the case of smaller hotels.

How to get free accommodations

Have you ever thought of swapping homes with someone in another city or even country? Even though this may sound strange, this is actually a great tip for those of us who are on a tight budget. Swapping homes is a great way to get free accommodation. HomeExchange.com is a trustworthy site that is comprised of a long list of over 41,000 homes in 152 countries all around the world. While swapping houses is free, the website requires a $9.95 monthly tax. This is nevertheless a great way to save money that you have normally spent on booking hotels. If you don’t want someone to stay in your home, consider visiting other websites, such as VRBO.com and AirBnB.com.