11 September

How to fix the Sky digital box quickly         


Everyone knows how annoying can be when you watch your favourite TV and the following minute the Sky Box does not have signal. And you wait, thinking that it will start again in a couple of minutes, but when you understand that the problem is permanent, you know that you have two options. You either call sky helpline, or you try to fix it by yourself. In the majority of cases, you do not have to wait a specialist to come and fix it, because you can do it by yourself. The first thing you have to do is to check if the cables are connected at the back of the box, because in the majority of cases the issue is with the loose cables. In case the cables are in their place, then you should check the following tips to fix the Sky digital box by yourself.

The rest transponder is in the Off mode

You should look for the remote and to press and hold the standby button. When the red light that indicates the off mode comes on, you will have to wait for a couple of seconds and to press the sky button. The shade of the light will turn to amber, and this indicates that the digital box is in the standby mode. Before pressing the sky button again, you should wait 10 minutes. After following these steps, the box should default to the channel 998, the welcome channel. This confirms the connection status and the reset.

Check the LNB cables

You should check the F-connectors to see if thy are attached as tight as they should be. The LNB cables should be tight, but not too tight, so make sure they are in the right position. Also, moisture is harmful for the LNB or for the feeder, so you should check if there is present on the device. You should check if the connections are water-proofed, because if they are not, they can lead to failures. The cable connections should feature self-amalgamating tape to be adequately sealed against water, because if there are used other types of tape, they will not be effective in keeping the moisture out of the LNB and cable box, and they will get damaged in time. This means that the signal will be disrupted from the satellite dish. You can swap the cables to check if one of them is damaged.

How to solve an error message

If you cannot watch TV, because you get a message that states Error 25, Error 29, or No Satellite Signal us Being Received, then you should reset the digital box. You can unplug the Standard or HD recorder and unplug the Sky Box. Wait a couple of minutes and then reconnect them to see if the problem persists. You should switch to the mains and check to see if you got signal. If you still cannot watch TV, you can check for one of the problems listed above. In case these fixes do not work, you should contact Sky Helpline.