22 August

How to Properly Plan for a Pool Installation

Up until recent years swimming pools used to be quite scarce and thus considered to be an extravagant addition. Now their number has increased to the point that they are present in almost every home. However, it is still necessary to make a financial investment to offer your children the absolute relaxation and exercise spot. You will also have to dedicate time and effort for the installation of the pool and this means planning in advance in order to realize a successful home renovation project. Ideally, you should have the basin mounted by professional Pool Builders and avoid any DIY projects. More important is to do some research to know exactly what is required.

Zoning restrictions

Many people rush into home renovation projects without realizing that the zoning laws may prevent you from doing what you want. When desiring to install a basin on your property you should not forget to consult the zoning laws because some jurisdictions regulate the placement of the pool, as well as the size. In addition, there are several safety requirements that you have to comply with, such as installing an enclosing fence around the premises. Other restrictions refer to the type of soil of the land, limited access and sloping lots. The law also requires the owner to get an electrical permit for in-ground pools and to install a filter system.

Choosing the contractor

The truth is that many developers use either temporary employees or employees that have no experience whatsoever. It is necessary to ensure that the contractor is reliable in order to avoid negligent work. Some even send you the basin regardless of your landscape. Considering that you are making a considerable financial investment, it is important to check the background of the people you are working with and impose conditions. Get your family involved in the project and take them on a trip to see several pools and builders.

Estimate the costs

Any home renovation project will have you spend a considerable sum of money and building a swimming area for the children makes no exception. If you do not make a clear estimation from the very beginning, you may end up to paying more than expected. There are also many unforeseen expenses that you will have to face because the construction period can be extended. One of the highest costs is the surface material; concrete may be highly durable, but it is also very expensive. While fiberglass is more affordable, it cannot be customized to any shape and size. Vinyl is the least expensive option with the mention that it is prone to tear. Include on your checklist decorative adjustments and amenities.

The design should fit the purpose

The choice of the basin depends on the intended functionality. Given that many families choose to install a pool for the entertainment of all the family members, it is important to look out for safety features like gating and fencing. If you are a single person, you can consider landscaping features, as well as special lighting and waterfall effects. Equally important is that large diving basins can be very risky, especially for kids. Moreover, when choosing the materials for the pool, consider the future maintenance tasks. For example, a swimming pool with a natural look, meaning an uneven bottom and walls paved with natural rocks, might look good, but it will be very hard to clean. You might plan on using a robotic pool cleaner, which is the best way of keeping your pool clean. You should know that not even the best automatic pool cleaners can’t handle rough pool materials. In fact, most of the best automatic pool cleaners can’t climb on pool walls paved with natural walls and they can have a very hard time cleaning spongy or porous materials. So, you might want to do some design compromises in order to save yourself some maintenance troubles in the future.