5 January

How to spruce up your Christmas garland

Aside from keepsake tree ornaments like tinsel and twinkle lights, you should definitely consider using other decorations for the winter holidays. For instance, you can add ribbon to your garland to create Christmas decorations that look as if they were taken out of a magazine. As long as you have a little creativity and are willing to make an effort, then you can take your decorations from plain to brilliant in no time. In order to take your Christmas ornaments from basic to impressive you need only to add ribbons. You will immediately see how garlands dressed up with ribbons will make an impression on your guests.

Choose the ribbon garland

When it comes to selecting the material for embellishing the garland, you have several choices. First of all, you can use wired ribbon because it will maintain its shape at all times, not to mention that it is very useful for making bows and curling streamers. Another option is to use unwired sashes like those used for crafts. The main point is that you choose a piece of material that has a kind of shape. For the average Christmas tree, a roll of ribbon with an eight-inch diameter is enough.

Berries and … bows

When it comes to classic decorations, you have the possibility of making a combination of wired ribbon and holly berries. As long as you use coordinating bows for the berries, your garland will have an even more sophisticated look. Firstly you have to decide if lights are what you really want. If not, you can leave them out but light illuminate the garland and thus make the berries stand out even more. Lights or no lights, make some big red bows from wired ribbon and attach them to your garland. You can add photos as well, not to mention that some Christmas ribbon glued to the top corner will make the look even more amazing.

Hung the garland around the window too

You also have the possibility of placing the garland above the corner of the window. What you have to do is centre the garland on the window so that each tail hangs evenly. In addition to this, wrap in in beautiful ribbon, making sure that you leave a trail down on either side of the window. The bows have to be placed in front of the hooks of the garland because this way they will mask them. You should adjust only when you are satisfied with how the garland looks. For some extra sparkle try wrapping the garland in some extra lights.